Apple releases iOS 13.4.1 for everyone: Here are all the News and links to the Download

Surprisingly, Apple has released a new software update that comes to version 13.4.1. All the details in the article. Apple has just released iOS 13.4.1 in final version for all, despite the company is working on version 13.4.5 (currently in beta for developers). As we… Read More

Apple’s accessibility manager offers more details on the company’s focus on accessibility

How Apple ensures that its technology and services work for everyone, regardless of their needs Apple places great emphasis on the accessibility of its products , ranging from iPhone and Apple Watch to AirPods and more. In a new interview, Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s global accessibility manager, offers more details… Read More

Apple releases iOS 12.3 FOR EVERYONE: here is the News and Download

Apple has just released the final version of iOS 12.3 for all supported devices. We are finally out of beta and this update is now available for download for all end users. The news of iOS 12.3 Among the main innovations of this version we find a new… Read More

Apple says goodbye to the iPod: the small iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle removed from the store

Nearly 12 years after the first release, Apple stops production of iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle Apple has decided to permanently remove iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle devices that have made history but are now outdated and sold short of its virtual store and its official website. In 2001 Steve… Read More

It’s the end of an era: Farewell to the MP3 format, popularized by Apple’s iPod

The Fraunhofer Institute definitively abandoned support for the MP3 format. This has achieved the greatest success (also) thanks to products like the Apple iPod. After so many years of honorable service, the MP3 format finally closed . At least according to those who created it.… Read More

New 16GB iPod Touch for $199, Drops 32/64GB Models to $249/$299

Following our report from earlier today, Apple has launched its new entry-level 16 GB fifth-generation iPod touch, while also cutting the price on the current 32/64 GB iPod touch, offering them for $249 and $299, respectively. The new iPod touch is available in six different colors with a… Read More