Tests confirm that the A15 Bionic chip of the iPhone 13 is really powerful

A team of experts investigated what Apple said during the presentation of the new iPhones. Apple’s new smartphones, from iPhone 13 mini to iPhone 13 Pro Max, house the A15 Bionic processor under the body . According to the Cupertino company, the chip is 50% faster than the competition and that statement led AnandTech to… Read More

iPhone 13 Won’t Unlock with Apple Watch? The fix is ​​coming with an update

Apple has confirmed that it will soon be fixing the Unlock with Apple Watch bug. An iOS 15 update is close to release. As many will know, it is possible to unlock your iPhone with Face ID even if you are wearing a mask . Like? With Apple Watch. This… Read More

Apple clarifies how third-party apps can use the 120Hz display

The Cupertino company takes the field to dispel a doubt on the ProMotion display of the new iPhones. On the day of the arrival on the market of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max(but not also of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13… Read More

Face ID on iPhone 13 stops working if you are using a third party screen

Do you need to replace the screen of your iPhone 13? Do not use a third party display! If a customer replaces the iPhone 13 display at a repair center or third party vendor, such as those not authorized or affiliated with Apple through its Independent… Read More

iPhone 13, colors and memory cuts revealed? | Rumor

A few days after the Apple event, new details on the iPhone 13 from an e-commerce site. A Ukrainian e-commerce site may have revealed ahead of time (i.e. before September 14, the day of the Apple event) important details about the iPhone 13 : colors and memory… Read More

The next Apple event will be held on September 14th! Presentation of the iPhone 13 and beyond

Finally here is the date of the next Apple event revealed: it will be September 14 that we will discover the new iPhone 13 but there will also be more The official announcement of the next Apple event was expected for today and about half… Read More

The alleged iPhone 13 Pro in Rose Gold is shown in the photo

The unusual coloring raises doubts about the shots published on Twitter, the camera bump instead is in line with rumors. There are many rumors about the iPhone 13 but this is perhaps the first time that the next smartphone from Apple, in the Pro version , is shown in photos. The shots are… Read More

iPhone 13 will support Wi-Fi 6E offering better speed and range

Small news coming to iPhone 13 on the connectivity side. According to DigiTimes , the iPhone 13 will support the improved Wi-Fi 6E protocol , giving users access to an extended version of the WiFi 6 framework with the added benefit of a 6 GHz band. Apple introduced support… Read More

Kuo: iPhone 2022 with Touch ID under the display [Rumor]

The trusted analyst reveals some interesting details about the iPhone 2022 lineup. Will we have to wait another year to see a substantial upgrade to the iPhone range? There are still a few months left from the launch of the new iPhone 2021 models (iPhone… Read More

Apple registers iPhone 13 models in the Eurasian database

As usual, Apple registers new iPhone models in the Eurasian database. The Eurasian Economic Commission requires that all hardware using cryptographic technology be registered in its database. As usual, this year’s iPhone models were added to documents a few months before their public announcement. Consomac noted the… Read More

Samsung starts production of 120Hz LTPO displays for iPhone 13 Pro

A new report reveals that Samsung has started production of the 120Hz ProMotion displays for the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. A new report from The Elec reveals that Samsung Display and LG Display have started production of the displays that will be used in… Read More

iPhone 13: all upcoming models will be equipped with an increased battery | Rumor

It is almost a certainty that the largest and most performing battery on all iPhone 13 models The battery life of the next iPhone 13 could finally improve. It is not the first time we have heard such news regarding the next generation of smartphones, but… Read More

The Notch of the iPhone 13 will be reduced by 40-50%

According to DigiTimes, the components of the Face ID will occupy about half of the current space, with an aesthetic advantage for Apple that will halve the size of the Notch but also the production costs. Still confirmations that the next iPhones will continue to… Read More

New images show the possible size of the Notch on the iPhone 13

A reduced Notch on the next generation of iPhone: this is the distinctive sign of the new models and these images show more clearly how much smaller it will actually be Those that usually precede the storm are days of flat calm. Over the weekend we… Read More

iPhone 13 Pro with 120Hz ProMotion Display and 15-20% Lower Power Consumption [Rumor]

By now there is no doubt, the iPhone 13 Pro models will be equipped with LTPO display with 120Hz display. According to a new report, iPhone 13 Pro models will be equipped with a low-power LTPO display, which will allow devices to have a 120Hz refresh rate without affecting… Read More