Apple is ready to ship new products Rumor

According to a new report, Apple has a large number of products ready for shipment. According to a new tweet from leaker L0vetodream, Apple is preparing to launch a series of new products, including  AirTags, AirPower, AirPods Studio, and much more. Almost a month has already gone by since… Read More

Rumor: Smaller and cheaper HomePod arriving later this year

The rumors about a mini version of the HomePod are becoming more insistent, suggesting that the model may soon be released. There are rumors that Apple has a smaller and cheaper HomePod in the pipeline  that it plans to launch later this year, and there are more and more… Read More

Bloomberg reveals what the iPhone 12 will look like and which will have a new design

Apple plans to launch as many as four iPhone 12 models this year, all equipped with OLED screens and 5G technology, but only two of these will present a new design. According to a new Bloomberg report , only two of the new iPhone 12… Read More

HomePod 2: the new model may arrive later this year

The company plans to launch a new inexpensive HomePod model Two years ago, Apple released the HomePod , with customer deliveries and in-store availability starting February 9, 2018 in the U.S., Australia and the UK. At launch, the HomePod was priced at $ 349 , but the iPhone maker… Read More

Apple releases iOS 12.4 for iPhone and iPad

Apple released iOS 12.4, the fourth major update of the iOS 12 operating system launched for the first time in September 2018. The iOS 12.4 update is available on all over-the-air eligible devices in the Settings app. To download the update, go to Settings -> General -> Software update .… Read More

iOS 13 includes a new HomePod pairing process

We have already seen many of the changes made on iOS 13 and now, a small but important change to the HomePod pairing process has been found. Previously, to configure the HomePod, it was necessary to keep it next to the iPhone and start the pairing process in… Read More

“Hey Siri”: Apple explains how the HomePod recognizes the commands

In a new post published on the Machine Learning Journal portal , Apple has explained in detail, and sometimes extremely technical, how Siri on HomePod has been designed to work even in not very good acoustic conditions. How does the intelligent Apple speaker behave when another source plays music at high volume or… Read More

Apple will launch an inexpensive HomePod with the Beats brand: it will not have Siri

We have already talked several times about the possibility of seeing a cheaper version of HomePod, today is a supplier of Apple to provide more information about it.  Well, the new speaker will be produced by Beats, which of course belongs to Apple, but will… Read More

HomePod: 600,000 units sold in the first quarter of 2018

According to a recent analysis by Strategy Analytics, the HomePods sold by Apple in the first quarter of 2018 would be  600,000  – about 6% of the market – compared to the 4 million smart speakers sold by Amazon in the same period. If the estimates were to prove accurate, Google and Alibaba would confirm themselves second… Read More

Apple releases audioOS 11.3, the first firmware update of HomePod [Video]

HomePod is not yet available in Italy but Apple has released the first software update that aligns with iOS coming to version 11.3. Internally, the HomePod operating system is called “audioOS” and is a modified version of iOS. The firmware weighs 2.36GB, the build is 15E217… Read More

The huge success of the AirPods continues, the HomePod sales are disappointing

According to information released by Barclays, Apple is still selling several AirPods. The sales of the HomePod instead seem to be quite disappointing. Blayne Curtis,  a Barclays analyst, recently visited Asia, where he was able to meet some of the most important members of the Apple production chain. Based on the… Read More

First reviews of HomePod: great audio quality, but too tied to the Apple ecosystem and still “not very smart”

Three days after the official launch of HomePod in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, Apple has allowed the various newspapers to publish the reviews of its first smart speaker. There are aspects common to all the reviews, such as the fact that HomePod guarantees excellent… Read More

HomePod will receive OTA updates via the iOS Home app

New information arrives regarding the Apple HomePod audio speaker. The new device coming out next week will be updated with new firmware released by the Cupertino company. Updates will take place “over the air” through the iOS Home app. As with most Apple products, the HomePod will… Read More

Great success for Siri: it is actively used on over half a billion devices

In the announcement of the launch date of HomePod, or February 9, Apple has also provided new details on the use of Siri by users. According to the company, the voice assistant is actively used on more than half a billion devices. This is an improvement over previous data provided by… Read More

HomePod available from February 9th, pre-orders from January 26th!

Today, through a press release , Apple has announced that HomePod can be ordered from this Friday (January 26) at the price of $ 349, and that will be available from February 9th. The first smart speaker of the Cupertino company will be available in two colors: white or space… Read More