Samsung anticipates Apple by introducing the Galaxy SmartTag, a tracker similar to the AirTag

Samsung anticipates Apple and its AirTags by introducing SmartTags to the market. During the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung presented the SmartTags, a small square-shaped accessory equipped with a Bluetooth LE module that allows you to locate objects. SmartTag measures 4x4m and has a thickness of… Read More

Samsung presents the new Galaxy S21 range

Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S21 with a better camera system, faster processor and S Pen support on the larger model. On the stage of the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung presented the new Galaxy S21 range consisting of three devices: Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and… Read More

WhatsApp, here is the data that is not shared with Facebook

The popular instant messaging platform reveals data that is not shared with Facebook. Last week WhatsApp started informing users about updates to the app’s terms of service and privacy policy. We remind you that, fortunately, thanks to the GDPR these changes will not apply in Europe. The updated agreements,… Read More

Apple Glass could automatically unlock all Apple devices [Patent]

We are back to talking about Apple Glass. According to a new patent, AR glasses may be able to unlock all nearby Apple devices. A new patent granted to Apple today shows how the company’s AR glasses can automatically unlock all of our Apple devices, in much the… Read More

Apple, a “big announcement” is coming, but it is not a product

During an interview with CBS tomorrow, Tim Cook is reportedly making a huge announcement. Tomorrow on CBS an exclusive interview, in which Apple CEO Tim Cook will talk about the removal of Parler from the App Store and the siege of the Capitol. Additionally, host Gayle King… Read More

Apple wanted to acquire the electric vehicle startup Canoo

In early 2020, Apple held several interviews with California-based electric vehicle startup Canoo, as part of its efforts to promote the development of the Apple Car. Reports of the Apple Car have become more frequent in recent weeks, and it seems more are on the… Read More

iPhone 12 with MagSafe can disable a pacemaker

A new study reveals that iPhone 12 models equipped with MagSafe technology can interfere with various medical devices implanted in patients. An article recently published by the Heart Rhythm Society shows that iPhone 12 can, unlike Apple claims, cause interference with medical devices implanted in patients, such as… Read More

Apple releases iOS 12.5.1 for older iPhone and iPad models

The iOS 12.5.1 update can be downloaded to all eligible devices over-the-air in the Settings app. To access the new software, just go to Settings> General> Software Update. About a month after the release of iOS 12.5 , Apple releases iOS 12.5.1 for older iPhone and iPad models. The company… Read More

Apple will lead the 5nm processor market in 2021

Apple will be the largest customer of 5nm chips in 2021. As reported by analyst firm Counterpoint Research, the 5nm chip market will continue to experience rapid expansion in 2021 as companies like Apple continue to invest in the technology and roll out processors to more and more… Read More

8.4-inch iPad mini 6 could arrive in March [Rumor]

The next generation of iPad mini will feature a larger display and design inspired by the 2019 iPad Air. Japanese site Mac Otakara has revealed that Apple is working on a new version of the iPad mini with a larger  8.4-inch display, which will be launched in March. This… Read More

AirPods Pro 2 and third-generation iPhone SE could arrive in April [Rumor]

A new report reveals that Apple may release the AirPods Pro 2 and third-generation iPhone SE in April. After sharing potential details on the upcoming iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPhone 13 models earlier this week, Japanese blog Mac Otakara now says Apple plans to release the 2- generation AirPods Pro and third-generation iPhone SE in the ‘ April… Read More

Apple and Hyundai: Close agreement, Apple Car production start in 2024

A new report from the Korea IT News newspaper suggests the two companies plan to sign a partnership agreement by March 2021. More details have surfaced about Apple’s alleged interest in working on a self-driving electric car in partnership with Hyundai Motor. Today’s report comes after a… Read More

Reuters: Apple Car only in 2024 with a “next level” battery

The company’s first self-driving car could arrive in 2024. Although we told you yesterday that the Apple Car could be released in 2021, today  Reuters  reports that the company will only release its first self-driving car in 2024  with “next-level” battery technology. Anonymous sources told Reuters that at the heart of Apple’s… Read More

Samsung, deleted the post on Facebook in which it mocked Apple for removing the power supply

Once again, Samsung removes a post in which it made fun of Apple. Following reports that Samsung will remove the charger from the packaging of the upcoming Galaxy S21, the South Korean company deleted the  Facebook post in which it mocked Apple for removing the accessory from the packaging of… Read More

iPhone 12 shipments will grow 38% during Q1 2021

According to forecasts by some analysts, shipments of the new iPhone 12 models will grow by 38% during Q1 2021. Apple is experiencing strong demand for its iPhone 12 lineup and, according to some analysts, has increased its orders with assembly partners for the first… Read More