Apple and Google exposure notification system: all you need to know

Here are all the info on the exposure notification system of the two companies. Apple, in the beta version of iOS 13.5 has introduced the first version of the exposure notification API, which will allow apps from public health authorities and governments around the world to help… Read More

Germany chooses to use the Apple and Google tracking system

Germany has changed its mind on the work of Apple and Google to create a contact tracking system to track and manage the spread of COVID-19, supporting a decentralized approach focused on privacy protection. On Saturday, we reported that Germany and France disagreed with Apple and Google regarding the… Read More

Google launches the new “Google Play Pass” service to compete with Apple Arcade

Google has announced the launch of a new game service called Google Play Pass, which allows Android users to access over 350 games and apps for $ 4.99 a month, similar to Apple Arcade. The Google version, like Apple Arcade, offers games to customers without in-app purchases and without ads.… Read More

Google confirms that Pixel 4 will have a square camera

Google has confirmed that its upcoming Pixel 4 devices will feature a back of the square-shaped rear camera, a feature that should also be present on the 2019 iPhones. A Pixel 4 mockup appeared on the internet earlier this week, and now Google has confirmed the design of… Read More

Google: “Sign in with Apple” will make people safer

The Google account access team leader is apparently positive about Apple’s introduction into the authentication space with ” Sign in with Apple “, revealing in an interview that it would be preferable to use the Apple button rather than manually entering usernames and password. Inserted as an… Read More

Google releases Android Pie 9.0, but not for everyone: here are the most interesting news

Android Pie 9.0 is officially available for download on Google Pixel, Pixel 2 and Essential Phone, for other smartphones will be discussed instead in the coming months. Google has introduced several innovations in the new version of its operating system, and here we point out the most… Read More

App Store generates twice the earnings compared to Google Play

Despite the significantly lower download count, the App Store once again earns more than its main competitor Google Play. A new report published by Sensor Tower shows how App Store, the Apple store dedicated to applications, generates an annual turnover of about 50% more consistent than that of the Android counterpart Google Play, in the first half of… Read More

Google: fine of 4.34 billion euros for violations implemented through Android

The European Commission has fined Google with a record figure of € 4.34 billion for the violation of antitrust rules related to the EU. Since 2011, the Commission explains, Google imposes significant restrictions on Android device manufacturers and network operators to consolidate their dominant position… Read More

Google: the Advanced Protection Program now also supports native iOS apps

After the launch by Google in October of its Advanced Protection Program, some doubts have arisen. The system was in fact created to prevent account hacking, but the initial closure had cut out all third-party apps, including those native to iOS such as Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.… Read More

Apple fishing at home Google to improve Siri: hired John Giannandrea

Apple has hired the now former head of the Google AI section John Giannandrea, reports The New York Times. The news came from an internal email from Tim Cook, in which he wrote that ” John shares our focus on privacy and our thoughtful approach to creating increasingly intelligent… Read More

Made by Google: tech colossus presents Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL [Video]

As expected, during the #madebyGoogle event, held today, Google presented its two new Pixel smartphones, launched last year. In this article, we are talking about Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Ask more for your phone: here is Google Pixel 2 ‘And if phones were smarter and… Read More

Gmail now suggests answers to Mail: the new Smart Reply function based on machine learning

The Google event is still ongoing, but has already been submitted the smart reply feature in Gmail: a clear example of the use of machine learning to simplify your life and make the answers faster. Google is making some impressive strides forward as far as… Read More

Google Assistant is really better than Siri. It is now available on iPhone

It ‘s official, Google’s virtual assistant has arrived on the iPhone. Call up since Siri will not be comfortable, because it can not be replaced at the Home key, but it has a Widget to start it with a tap. It was judged to be… Read More

Siri vs Google Assistant: what is the best voice assistant? [Video]

YouTuber Marques Brownlee decided to test the new Google Assistant by putting it into a head-to-head competition with the latest version of Siri, running on an iPhone 7 Plus. In the video below we can see how the youtuber put  side-by-side the two devices and… Read More

OFFICIAL: Google unveils new Pixel and Pixel XL! [Video]

After the pictures and specs information leaked on the net in recent days, Google has officially unveiled its new smartphone: Pixel and Pixel XL . Let’s find out all the features of the two devices While perhaps not remarkable by themselves, the phones are part… Read More