5.4-inch iPhone 12: A new concept imagines it in multiple colors

A designer imagines what the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 model might look like in different colors. We expect Apple to launch four new iPhones this year , including two models that will replace the direct successors of the iPhone 11. While we don’t know many details yet besides… Read More

The probable design of the iPhone 12 shown in a new concept

According to many rumors, the iPhone 12 should have a design similar to the iPhone 4. 2020 will be a great year for this year’s new iPhone range. The biggest news is that it will be the first year ever in which Apple will release five… Read More

New beautiful concept of the foldable iPhone 12 Pro! [Video]

Hasan Kaymak Innovations publishes a new concept imagining the iPhone 12 Pro folding Check out this concept of the foldable iPhone 12 Pro created by Hasan Kaymak Innovations. This concept imagines a design similar to the one used on the Galaxy Fold, with a screen that folds… Read More

iPhone 11: the video trailer that brings together all the details known so far

A few days ago, OnLeaks published some renderings that should depict the iPhone 11. Today, Concepts iPhone, inspired by these images, has created a video in which we can see the alleged new Apple smartphones from every angle and in the 3 typical colours. Starting… Read More

iMac G3: 20 years after its launch, a designer brings it back to life with a new ultra-modern concept

Antonio De Rosa has already created many concepts and mockups on the Apple world and today offers us a new version of the fantastic iMac G3, the company’s first desktop with a semi-transparent and colorful case. The iMac G3 was launched in 1998 so today it turns 20 and on… Read More

A beautiful Concept imagines the next Apple headphones with a design inspired by HomePod [Video]

After seeing a – not too captivating – Concept of curved iPhone, let’s redone our eyes with another concept created by the guys at Curved-Labs. These are new over-ear headphones, with which Apple could recall the style of HomePod further increasing that sense of continuity typical of… Read More