iOS 14.5 introduces a tool to recalibrate the maximum battery capacity

On some iPhone 11, 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max the maximum battery capacity you see through the settings may be incorrect. Apple has created a tool to recalibrate this data and will introduce it with iOS 14.5 As you know, all lithium batteries are… Read More

In 2021, battery life is preferred in a smartphone over 5G

An American study revealed that in 2021 among the most important features in a smartphone there is not one of the latest technologies introduced, 5G, but the old and dear battery life. Among the features of a smartphone that users consider most useful in absolute,… Read More

Apple updates the AirPods Max, solved the battery drain problem?

The company doesn’t give many details about the new AirPods Max firmware updates, but this new version brings the over-ear headphones to version 3C39. Apple has released a new firmware update for the AirPods Max, a version that should correct the battery drain problem reported by users… Read More

iOS 14.5 Beta 2, unveils the arrival of a MagSafe external battery

The iOS 14.5 beta 2 code refers to a “battery pack” in the optimized charging section. New MagSafe accessory coming? The code in the latest iOS 14.5 beta suggests that Apple is working on a new accessory for the iPhone 12 that could take advantage of the MagSafe wireless charging… Read More

The battery status management feature cannot be disabled on Apple Silicon Macs

Surprisingly, the battery status management feature cannot be disabled on new Apple Silicon Macs. Apple’s battery health management feature cannot be disabled on Apple Silicon Macs , as there is no switch in System Preferences on these machines. As further confirmation, Apple has shared a new support document on… Read More

Planned Obsolescence: Apple will have to pay $ 25 to each user

Users affected by the performance limitation on their iPhone can now file a claim for a $ 25 refund. Earlier this year, Apple agreed to pay up to $ 500 million to settle a U.S. lawsuit over its decision to limit iPhone performance as the battery begins to degrade.… Read More

iOS 13.5 improves battery life on some iPhone models

The latest update from Apple includes improvements and bug fixes which added up slightly improve battery life. Small article to report that iOS 13.5 includes small improvements for battery life on iPhone. Compared to the previous version 13.4.1, the 13.5 in addition to including the… Read More

Apple will repair the iPhone with unofficial batteries

The iPhone with non-original batteries can take advantage of the repair service at the Genius Bar or at the authorized centers. This is a radical change, in fact if the first repairs iPhone with non-original batteries were denied by the Genius Bar or authorized centers, now if… Read More

The battery life of the Galaxy S9 is lower than average Android Phones, even compared to the iPhone X

iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 are the top of the range of the moment and undergo several comparative tests. The last, related to the battery capacity, have shown that the S9 is less than Android competitors but also to Apple. The Galaxy S9 has an… Read More

Apple could reimburse users who have replaced the iPhone battery at full price

Apple would be considering the idea of offering a refund to users who have replaced the battery of their iPhone, paying, before the discounted prices come into force. After the controversy with the power management feature introduced with iOS 10.2.1, and concerning the reduction of the performance on… Read More

Is your iPhone slower and slower? It could be the fault of the worn-out battery

According to numerous reports on Reddit, Apple’s iOS would use a kind of low-performance mode, with a CPU downclock, to avoid sudden restarts of devices with worn batteries. The Reddit TeckFire user posted the Geekbench results before and after replacing the battery on a used iPhone 6s. Before replacing the battery, the… Read More

Things I Do not Like About iPhone X: The lack of “visible” battery capacity

More days pass with iPhone X and I understand, I get used to and appreciate this new smartphone. To those who ask me if it is worth buying it responds with a “yes” really very convinced, though there are some small details (mostly graphics and usability)… Read More

Apple Working With Intelligent Energy On Fuel Cell Technology For iPhones, iPads & More.

Fuel cell firm Intelligent Energy may be partnering with Apple to introduce fuel cell technology into future MacBooks and other mobile devices claims a report in The Daily Mail. While the tabloid does not have a strong rumor track record, fuel cells have long been… Read More