Apple will launch two 24-inch and 27-inch external displays [Rumor]

New rumors say the company is working on two new, affordable 24-inch and 27-inch external displays. A new version of the Pro Display XDR is also on the way. In 2016, Apple discontinued the Thunderbolt display and hasn’t released any other external displays aimed at the average user… Read More

iOS 15.2 introduces a new section dedicated to repair history

The next version of iOS, arriving in the coming weeks, introduces a new section in the Settings app. With iOS 15.2 , version in the last stages of beta testing , Apple will add a new section called ” Parts and Service History ” in the Settings app that will allow… Read More

Anti-competitive cooperation: 200 million fine for Apple and Amazon

Both Apple and Amazon have said they want to appeal the fines. Apple and Amazon have been fined a total of over 200 million euros by the Italian antitrust for alleged anti-competitive cooperation in the sale of Apple and Beats products. The fines are the culmination of an investigation that began last… Read More

iPhones 13 have unprecedented repair limitations. Only Apple can replace the display

iFixit explains that a small chip can cause the face recognition sensor to go haywire. Now it’s official, iPhone 13 is a problem for third party repairers. IFixit’s team of experts gave some more details on replacing the display of Apple’s latest smartphone and the consequences for Face ID. It was one of… Read More

The success of the Cleaning Cloth did not surprise Apple

The most unobtainable Apple product ever: it is a cloth to clean the displays and costs 25 euros. The Cleaning Cloth continues to attract interest. This time, the New York Times , which published an article enriched with a comment by an Apple spokesperson, is even investigating the topic . Ironies on social networks… Read More

Apple introduces HomePod mini in vibrant new colors

HomePod mini delivers incredible sound, interacts seamlessly with iPhone, integrates Siri intelligence and is the perfect foundation for any home automation system During the Unleashed event, Apple announced the  HomePod mini in three new vibrant colors, yellow, orange and blue, giving users greater freedom to express their… Read More

Apple appeals: changes to the App Store could be postponed

The Cupertino company does not throw in the towel and appeals. Is the App Store going to change? Perhaps. The verdict issued by judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in the courtroom clash between Apple and Epic Games dates back to September : the Californian giant can no longer prevent developers from redirecting… Read More

Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs in a memo sent to employees

The current CEO of Apple in memory of the visionary co-founder of the Californian company. Apple has released a beautiful and touching video to mark the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death . And now the memory of Tim Cook , the current CEO of the Cupertino giant, has also arrived .… Read More

The EU could force Apple to switch from Lightning to USB-C on iPhone

The European Commission wants all consumer electronics manufacturers selling devices in Europe to use a USB-C port. The European Commission has presented legislation that would oblige Apple to use a USB-C port on all iPhones, iPads and AirPods in Europe. The proposal, known as a directive, would oblige… Read More

Apple gives a $ 1000 bonus to Apple Store employees

Great news for Apple Store employees: the company will recognize a bonus of up to $ 1000 directly in paychecks Apple has decided to motivate all Apple Store employees by adding a $ 1,000 bonus to their paychecks. The 1000 dollars are reserved for employees who have… Read More

Apple warns users: motorcycle vibrations can damage iPhone cameras

The Californian company does not recommend direct contact of its smartphones with the frame or handlebars of motorcycles. Apple has released a new support document aimed at those with an iPhone. The Cupertino giant claims that particular vibrations, such as those generated by motorcycle engines , can damage the cameras of its smartphones.… Read More

Apple releases iOS 14.8 for all iPhone and iPad users

The latest version of iOS 14 before the new iOS 15. Here are all the downloads and information Tomorrow there will be the big event in which, in addition to the iPhone 13, the official release date of iOS 15 will be unveiled for everyone. Today,… Read More

The digital rights group asks Apple to abandon the CSAM project

The EFF, a digital rights group, asks Apple not to implement features to limit the dissemination of child pornography in future updates. The Electronic Frontier Foundation said it was “happy” with Apple’s decision to postpone the launch of its controversial child safety features, but now it wants the company… Read More

The next Apple event will be held on September 14th! Presentation of the iPhone 13 and beyond

Finally here is the date of the next Apple event revealed: it will be September 14 that we will discover the new iPhone 13 but there will also be more The official announcement of the next Apple event was expected for today and about half… Read More

Google could offer Apple 15 billion to remain iOS’s default search engine

Google is thinking of paying up to $ 15 billion to remain the default search engine on the iPhone and iPad. It’s no secret that Apple and Google have a substantial monetary deal that guarantees Google’s position as the default search engine on the Cupertino company’s devices. In a… Read More