Microsoft Family Safety will soon be available on iOS

The app will help us protect and monitor our loved ones On Tuesday, Microsoft revealed its brand new Family Safety app designed to facilitate the protection and monitoring of loved ones. Family Safety will be part of the next Microsoft 365 update (formerly Office 365)… Read More

WhatsApp: beware of the New Year virus!

A fake WhatsApp greeting message could infect our device A greeting message risks infecting our smartphone. With this method, some unidentified hackers are spreading a virus through Whatsapp , which is creating moodiness among users of Facebook’s instant messaging application in these hours . The virus hides inside a simple greeting message that… Read More

Microsoft presents a new Office app for iOS and Android [Video]

Microsoft launches the beta version of the new Office app for iOS. Microsoft has announced a new Office app for iOS and Android that brings together the features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in one app. The new app, currently available in beta, simplifies work with different types of documents… Read More

Instagram Threads: new messaging application under development

Instagram is developing a new messaging application called Threads. This is a direct evolution of Instagram Direct but dedicated to close friends with whom to share personal information. Threads will allow us to create our own “status” in which to include our position, speed, battery life and multimedia content. This… Read More

Telegram updates with silent messages, slow mode, titles for administrators and more

Today’s update offers Telegram features to add some peace, tranquillity and personalization to chats. You can now send messages to friends freely when they study or attend a meeting. By simply holding the Send button you can send messages or multimedia files without audio. The recipient will be… Read More

Microsoft suggests Windows 10 Mobile users to switch to iPhone or Android

Microsoft will no longer support the Windows 10 Mobile platform as of December 10, 2019. For this reason, the Redmond company has suggested to users who use “still” a Windows smartphone to switch to the competition. Microsoft’s suggestion comes from a supporting document regarding Windows 10 Mobile, in which the company explains that… Read More

Here are the main reasons that push Android users to switch to iPhone, according to a survey

Usually, during the conference on financial results, Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about the growth of iPhone users, obviously citing also those that come from Android smartphones. A new survey by PCMag allows us to deepen the topic, trying to reveal what are the main reasons that lead users to switch… Read More

WhatsApp will limit spam with the new suspicious link detection feature

WhatsApp is finally working on a new feature that should limit the phenomenon of spam that has existed for years and, unfortunately, is becoming increasingly difficult to stop. The function is called detection of suspicious links and, as the name suggests, will help the user… Read More

WhatsApp for Android continues to store images and videos on servers, even after deletion

Whatsapp has silently added a new feature in the Android version of the application that on the one hand is a benefit and on the other raises new controversy. Until recently, when an Android user received an image or video from a friend and then deleted… Read More

The new video clip of John Legend was shot entirely with a Google Pixel 2! [Video]

The smartphone manufacturers in recent years are really indulging, launching on the market devices with excellent photographic modules, able to record videos of undoubted quality. Well, the video of the last single by John Legend, or “A Good Night”, was entirely shot using a Google Pixel 2. The… Read More

The battery life of the Galaxy S9 is lower than average Android Phones, even compared to the iPhone X

iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 are the top of the range of the moment and undergo several comparative tests. The last, related to the battery capacity, have shown that the S9 is less than Android competitors but also to Apple. The Galaxy S9 has an… Read More

Facebook has collected data on calls and SMS of Android users for years

Facebook is in the last days at the center of a big fuss but now new details emerge regarding Android users. In fact, it has emerged that the social network of Mark Zuckerberg has collected for years information such as call histories and text data on users who use smartphones… Read More

Nuance announces the end of Swype keyboard support for iOS and Android

The well-known Swype keyboard of Nuance for iOS and Android will no longer be updated and supported. The team of developers has decided to focus its efforts on AI solutions for companies. The news emerged when a Reddit user shared a message received from Nuance support. XDA-Developers carried out the necessary checks and confirmed the… Read More

Microsoft will release its “Edge” browser also on iOS and Android

Microsoft admitted the failure of Windows Phone and also its music streaming service. The company has decided to go back to focus on software and to handle a smaller number of things, but in a better way. For this reason, it can not fail to acknowledge the… Read More

iOS 10.3.1 resolves a security flaw of WiFi Broadcom chip. Android users are still at risk

With the update to iPhone OS 10.3.1, Apple settled a dangerous flaw in the security of Broadcom WiFi chip. There remain however still at risk all Android devices that use it. We initially did not understand how Apple themselves publishing software updates. Immediately after the… Read More