Anti-competitive cooperation: 200 million fine for Apple and Amazon

Both Apple and Amazon have said they want to appeal the fines. Apple and Amazon have been fined a total of over 200 million euros by the Italian antitrust for alleged anti-competitive cooperation in the sale of Apple and Beats products. The fines are the culmination of an investigation that began last… Read More

Kuo: Apple’s AR viewer in 2022, with a computing power equal to that of the Mac M1

The expert analyst returns to talk about one of the most anticipated products of the Cupertino company. Apple’s much-rumored virtual reality headset will see the light in the second half of 2022 , according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The device will include two processors. According to the latest note from Kuo , the… Read More

AR devices will retire iPhones within 10 years, according to Kuo

The future of Apple’s most successful product is in question: in its place devices with functions related to augmented reality? The latest note from Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple expert, concerns the debut of Apple’s first augmented reality headset by the end of 2022 . Well, in the… Read More

Apple plans a (new) multi-device charging base

After the AirPower slip and the launch of MagSafe Duo, the Cupertino-based company tries again the path of the multi-device charger. How can we forget the failure of AirPower : announced by Apple (September 2017), postponed several times and, finally, officially trashed . We are talking about an accessory that… Read More

The 5G modem designed by Apple could arrive in 2023

The Cupertino company could introduce its first 5G modem on the 2023 iPhone range. Is the end of the partnership with Qualcomm near? According to DigiTimes , Apple will introduce its 5G modem  in 2023 iPhone models and the component will not be integrated into the A-series chip. The report states… Read More

Do-it-yourself repairs will attract few users, according to early data

The Self Service Repair program is among Apple’s latest additions, but how many will seriously consider it? The announcement of the Self Service Repair program left everyone speechless, an unexpected move by Apple. The repairs do-it-yourself , with original spare parts and tools, however, they will struggle to convince some… Read More

iMessage reactions become emojis in the Android Messages app

Google finds a solution to improve SMS conversations between iOS users and Android users. For several years the iOS (and macOS) Messages application has allowed the use of “reactions” in conversations , in order to make them more dynamic and fluid. These can be used not only in… Read More

WhatsApp: a new in-app alert on Business accounts is coming

Meta’s proprietary instant messaging platform is testing a new in-app alert for when a Business account sends a message to users. WhatsApp for iOS  is testing a new in-app alert related to Business accounts. The feature will come via a future software update. According to WABetaInfo , the latest… Read More

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple: “those who want to sideload, buy an Android smartphone”

iPhone rhymes with security and privacy, so those in favor of sideloading should choose Android. After Craig Federighi, Tim Cook has his say on the practice of application sideloading. The Apple CEO has very clear ideas on the subject: those in favor can buy an Android smartphone since the one offered… Read More

Apple launches the new interface of the Apple ID site

A complete and profound redesign of the site dedicated to managing your Apple ID is online Apple has completely redesigned its website dedicated to managing Apple ID. The look is much more modern and cleaner than in the past. At the top we find the Apple… Read More

AirPods 3 “torn apart” by iFixit: they are different from the Pros but always impossible to repair

The “secrets” of Apple’s latest wireless earphones. They have officially arrived on the market and it is right that, as usual, they are subjected to the teardown . We are talking about the AirPods 3 , whose secrets are revealed to us by 52audio, a YouTube channel with a focus on audio devices. Starting… Read More

iPhones 13 have unprecedented repair limitations. Only Apple can replace the display

iFixit explains that a small chip can cause the face recognition sensor to go haywire. Now it’s official, iPhone 13 is a problem for third party repairers. IFixit’s team of experts gave some more details on replacing the display of Apple’s latest smartphone and the consequences for Face ID. It was one of… Read More

Apple fixed the bug that made T2 Macs unusable after upgrading to Monterey

The company recognized a problem and fixed it. It is now safe to upgrade to macOS Monterey for any Mac model A few days ago we reported the existence of a problem related to the update to macOS Monterey that made some computers completely unusable. The computers in… Read More

The success of the Cleaning Cloth did not surprise Apple

The most unobtainable Apple product ever: it is a cloth to clean the displays and costs 25 euros. The Cleaning Cloth continues to attract interest. This time, the New York Times , which published an article enriched with a comment by an Apple spokesperson, is even investigating the topic . Ironies on social networks… Read More

Apple’s AR / VR headset will arrive in 2022 and will be expensive, according to Gurman

2022 will be the year of the first viewer of the Cupertino company. It will support Wi-Fi 6 and will be able to offer high-end gaming experiences. Mark Gurman , the main Bloomberg signatures, has returned to speak in his newsletter Power On the display for augmented reality Apple /… Read More