Apple releases audioOS 11.3, the first firmware update of HomePod [Video]

HomePod is not yet available in Italy but Apple has released the first software update that aligns with iOS coming to version 11.3. Internally, the HomePod operating system is called “audioOS” and is a modified version of iOS. The firmware weighs 2.36GB, the build is 15E217… Read More

Apple confirms: the next version of iOS will solve the link problem that blocks the Messages app

Apple has confirmed that it will solve the annoying problem of the link that blocks the Messages app on iPhone and iPad with a software update that will be released next week. Probably the company of Cupertino refers to iOS 11.2.5, arrived almost at the end of its beta… Read More

Upgrade to iOS 10.3.3 to fix a major WiFi vulnerability!

The WiFi antennas have finally been solved. Update to the latest version of iOS to prevent anyone from taking control of your device. It is not new to always advise you to upgrade your device to the latest version released by Apple. In this particular case, updating… Read More

iOS 11 may avoid connecting to unwanted WiFi networks

By manually setting this parameter, we may avoid connecting to unwanted WiFi hotspots. In this way our data network will always be active and functional. New interesting features of iOS 11 continue to emerge. Today, we will discuss the possibility of limiting the use of WiFi… Read More

WhatsApp: From today you can send any type of file. You can also attach photos and video without compression!

Whatsapp adds two new features already available for some time on Telegram. Apparently started the service migration on Facebook’s servers now offer more possibilities to users. And ‘it can attach any file type and even images and uncompressed video. Whatsapp has started the rollout of the new… Read More

All bugs and problems of iOS 11 collected in one article continuously updated [30]

After seeing the news of iOS 11, now we see all the bugs of iOS 11 Beta 1 in an article in continuous updating, also thanks to your contributions in the comments. iOS 11 has a lot of news but also several bugs. All the… Read More

iPhone 8 will have a 3D form on the camera can recognize the faces as the release system

According to the report , LG Innotek will be seized of producing this form, the same company that last year was responsible for the double iPhone camera 7 Plus. We do not know how many modules have been ordered for the initial launch (defined as… Read More

Have you installed iOS 10.3 beta? Here’s how to force the update to 10.3 without restoring final | Guide

If you are currently running the beta version 7 of IOS 10.3, but you can not see the new update IOS 10.3 software , there is an easier way than to restore through iTunes in DFU to force the device to see the update. We… Read More

Apple releases iOS 10.0.3 for all users with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has just released iOS 10.0.3 only for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This small update goes to fix a bug that occurs with the cellular network. In particular, enabling the Airplane mode and disabling it, many smartphones were unable to tap into the… Read More

Alert: iPhone and iPad Scam Text Message asks for Apple ID, Password

There is a new scam going around that tries to persuade/trick users into handing over usernames and passwords. I first spotted this scam, when tracking missing iPad Air put in a lost mode. A day after I received text message instructing me to verify your… Read More

Closing Apps in the background to preserve battery life is useless, word of Craig Federighi

Closing background applications  to ensure a longer life of the battery on iOS devices? According to Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP, the answer is NO!   Responding to an email from a customer, Craig Federighi said clearly that frequently close all applications in the background, through… Read More

Do you know you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a Spirit Level?

Innovations is driving the smartphone industry, since most of them are face with stiff competition helping them to pack features which consumers not aware those innovations exist.     Most smartphones include an accelerometer, which is a sensor that’s used to identify your phone’s orientation. Smart… Read More

Apple Releases iOS 9.2.1 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Apple has released iOS 9.2.1 bringing security updates and bug fixes. This update contains security updates and bug fixes including a fix for an issue that could prevent the completion of app installation when using an MDM server. For information on the security content of… Read More

Samsung: Dear iPhone Users, Give us $ 1 and try the new Galaxy for a month.

And ‘available recently the new offer Samsung targeted to iPhone users who have been made ​​possible try new Samsung devices for a limited period. The service offered has the aim to test the new Edge Galaxy S6, S6 Edge + Galaxy and Galaxy Note5 with… Read More

Apple To Update iPod Touch With iPhone 6 Form Factor.

According to sources from Appleinsider, Apple will update the iPod touch line this year, which makes sense because the company is launching new music service with beats audio integration. ”A source familiar with Apple’s future product plans indicated that Apple’s iPods — specifically the largest-screened… Read More