With iOS 15 a new Smart Battery function could arrive

An Apple patent has been approved for a function that allows you to receive intelligent battery alerts

A new Apple patent shows a “ Smart Battery” feature that could arrive on iOS 15.

The purpose is to show smart notifications regarding the battery status. At the moment, iOS shows a warning only when we are at 20% and 10% of remaining charge. This is often not enough:

Imagine a scenario where you forget to charge your phone overnight. A person who leaves the house in the morning to go to work may only receive the 20% battery notification when it is too late. With smart notifications, on the other hand, the iPhone would learn the habits, take into account the alarm, the change of position and the daily routine of that person to show the popup with the percentage of remaining battery at various times of the day, not necessarily when it is at the 20%.

In short, iOS should understand what are the moments immediately preceding those in which the user needs the smartphone most, determine if the amount of remaining battery will be sufficient to carry out all the operations and if it is not, then it should show a notice.

The idea is interesting, don’t you think?

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