iPhone 13 will have a new deep black colour, anti-fingerprint coating on the side edge and more

iPhone 13 will have a new deep black colour, anti-fingerprint coating on the side edge and more

In the latest Everything Apple Pro video we find all the new Max Weinbach leaks rendered: there will be a darker black color than the current one, an anti-fingerprint coating, the camera and software will change

It is always Max Weinbach, after the interesting scoop on the price of AirTags, to provide us with the first succulent details also on the iPhone 13.

According to the leaker this year we will have a new colour. It will not really be a new colour, to tell the truth, but it will be completely different from the current one. There is talk of a matte black iPhone 13, available only in the Pro and Pro Max variants. It will have a stainless steel edge less easy to stain with fingerprints and will change the rear camera module, which will be less protruding and covered by a single glass.

Matte black could be the color of the year and it would turn out much darker than the current graphite. Apple is also experimenting with orange , but it will be something more like bronze than pastel orange. Experimenting doesn’t necessarily mean it will be released, in fact Weinbach is quite skeptical about it.

The cameras will include a new system for taking portrait photos , the LiDAR scanner will also arrive on non-Pro models and will serve to detect edges more precisely, avoiding that ugly effect that is created today in many portrait photos where the edges do not appear well defined. and are mistakenly blurred.

The new cameras that are more flush with the body will be supported by iOS 15 which will include an image stabilization correction option . In other words, it will be able to locate a subject and keep it in focus during video recording.

All other details from the design point of view will be virtually identical to the current iPhone 12 Mini, Pro and Pro Max. Noteworthy is the anti-fingerprint coating to which the side frame will be subjected

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