The image of WWDC 2021 could hide the arrival of Apple Glass | Rumor

Could this be the right time? A clue in the image of WWDC 2021 could reveal the imminent introduction of the operating system to manage Apple’s AR glasses We have been publishing patents, articles and rumors about Apple glasses for augmented reality for years and this could be… Read More

iPhone with a similar design to the Mac Pro? Apple is thinking about it!

The Cupertino giant has filed a patent on the Mac Pro-style “grater” design for other devices, including the iPhone. According to a new patent application, Apple is looking to expand the Mac Pro 2019’s distinctive design to other devices, including the iPhone. Apple introduced an innovative… Read More

Apple announces virtual WWDC 2021 for June, iOS 15, watchOS 8 and more expected

Apple officially announced WWDC 2021 this morning through a press release. This year, the conference will take place completely virtually starting June 7. This marks the second year in a row that Apple will hold a virtual Worldwide Developers Conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic.… Read More

A really well done and very interesting iOS 15 Concept

The first references to iOS 15 have been found in the WebKit code. This does not tell us anything about the new functions but the concept that we show you in this article imagines many and all very interesting. We are all waiting for the release… Read More

Genuine Apple parts at all independent repair shops

The independent repair program launched by Apple will soon become much broader, spanning 200 countries in total On July 8, 2020, Apple launched the independent repair program in the US that allows third-party companies to have access to original spare parts to carry out repairs, as well as all the… Read More

AirTag: dimensions and prices revealed by a well-known leaker

The launch of the AirTags is near. They will be quite inexpensive and very very small. Here is all the new information provided by a well-known leaker Max Weinbach has unveiled some new details on the AirTag with truly incredible accuracy: they will be slightly larger than a half dollar coin… Read More

iPhone 13 will have a new deep black colour, anti-fingerprint coating on the side edge and more

In the latest Everything Apple Pro video we find all the new Max Weinbach leaks rendered: there will be a darker black color than the current one, an anti-fingerprint coating, the camera and software will change It is always Max Weinbach, after the interesting scoop on… Read More

Apple releases iOS 14.4.2, iPadOS 14.4.2 and watchOS 7.3.3 for all users [UPDATED]

New firmware version including security enhancements. Apple recommends that all users upgrade. A completely unexpected release that will be aimed at solving some fairly urgent security problem. Apple just released iOS 14.4.2 and iPadOS 14.4.2 for all users. In the list of news, Apple only writes that… Read More

Apple Maps now also shows speed cameras in some European countries

Speed ​​cameras are now reported within the Apple Maps application in various European countries. Could the news soon involve Italy too? Apple Maps has come a long way over the years but still remains “limited” compared to the amount of information we find in Google Maps.… Read More

An iPhone survives immersed in a frozen lake for 30 days [Video]

It went far beyond Apple’s declared resistance with IP68 certification: an iPhone 11 Pro survived for 30 days on the bottom of a frozen lake in Canada A couple of weeks ago we told you about an iPhone that survived after being at the bottom… Read More

Apple M1 beats all AMDs and even the brand new Intel Core i7-11700K in PassMark tests

From the latest benchmarks, the new Apple Silicon M1 processors destroy AMD and Intel, ranking second in the ranking of the most powerful processors on the market. In the new benchmarks published by PassMark , the new M1 chips have achieved great results. Out of nowhere they suddenly… Read More

Yet another iPhone catches fire and burns the face of a 17-year-old: Apple is investigating

On March 18, an iPhone caught fire and burned a young girl’s face while she was in bed. A faulty wall socket, non-genuine products? Apple investigates what happened Amie Hall is a 17-year-old English teenager who gave an interview on Birmingham Live this week in which she recounted her (bad)… Read More

Beware of subscriptions after a trial period: there is a $ 400 million scam round

In the App Store and in the Google Play store there are hundreds of applications created with the sole purpose of cheating users. Dumb games or apps that promise great things but are junk. Without realizing it, after a free trial, you may have activated an automatic… Read More

Imagine an all-screen wrap-around Apple Watch… Apple patents it!

It is the Apple Watch of the future .. what we dream of watching science fiction movies but Apple has filed the patent The first iPhone with a flexible screen is expected by 2024 but it is possible that Apple will try this technology first… Read More

The iPad Pro 2021 may have fewer holes in the speakers

According to a well-known case manufacturer, Apple’s new iPad Pro 2021 will have the same design as the previous ones but with a small different detail. The AirPods 3, on the other hand, will have a case similar to that of the Pro Accessory manufacturers are… Read More