WhatsApp, here is the data that is not shared with Facebook

The popular instant messaging platform reveals data that is not shared with Facebook.

Last week WhatsApp started informing users about updates to the app’s terms of service and privacy policy. We remind you that, fortunately, thanks to the GDPR these changes will not apply in Europe.

The updated agreements, which users must agree to to continue using WhatsApp, explicitly give parent company Facebook access to a large amount of user data. Although WhatsApp has been sharing some user data with Facebook for years, this update consolidates data sharing for all users, including those who have opted to opt out of sharing data with Facebook in the past.

The updated terms help WhatsApp integrate more closely into the Facebook family of products, as it aims to provide a more consistent experience to users across the services and allows the company to use the information it collects about all users to display targeted ads.

Via a Twitter post, the platform assured users that “our privacy policy update does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family”. Additionally, the company has also added FAQs to address user privacy concerns related to sharing data with Facebook.

However, it is evident that WhatsApp has mainly focused on what data is not shared with Facebook, rather than what is being shared. The FAQ update does not include, as stated in the updated privacy policy, that WhatsApp shares device and interaction information, IP address and unspecified “other information” with Facebook.

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