Apple wanted to acquire the electric vehicle startup Canoo

In early 2020, Apple held several interviews with California-based electric vehicle startup Canoo, as part of its efforts to promote the development of the Apple Car.

Reports of the Apple Car have become more frequent in recent weeks, and it seems more are on the way.

Today, The Verge reported that Apple held some talks last year with Canoo, a startup focused on electric vehicles and related technologies, to push the development of its long-rumoured car.

According to the report, both companies discussed the possibility of investment and even an acquisition by Apple in the first half of 2020. Several sources told The Verge that Apple was very interested in Canoo’s electric vehicle platform , called “skateboard”.

The startup developed a scalable and modular platform for electric vehicles that has attracted Apple’s interest. It is designed to support a wide range of consumer and business vehicle applications and, as described by The Verge, integrates multiple car electronics for greater flexibility in cabin design.

Apple was looking to acquire Canoo, while the startup hoped to get an investment from the Cupertino giant. However, both companies halted negotiations after the startup went public on the NASDAQ in December.

In a statement, Canoo said it did not “openly comment on strategic discussions, relationships or partnerships, unless it is deemed appropriate,” and even Apple refused to comment on The Verge’s story.

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