The battery status management feature cannot be disabled on Apple Silicon Macs

Surprisingly, the battery status management feature cannot be disabled on new Apple Silicon Macs.

Apple’s battery health management feature cannot be disabled on Apple Silicon Macs , as there is no switch in System Preferences on these machines.

As further confirmation, Apple has shared a new support document on battery health management on Apple Silicon Macs, and unlike the version of the document for Intel-based Macs, there is no section dedicated to disabling the feature.

Introduced in macOS Catalina 10.15.5, the Battery Health Management System is designed to improve MacBook battery life by reducing the rate at which it chemically ages. Just like the iPhone and iPad, each MacBook model is powered by a lithium-ion battery. As batteries age, they become less effective and their life is shortened – and this can be exacerbated by conditions such as temperature and charging cycle.

Based on the measurements it collects, the function can reduce the maximum battery charge in this mode. This happens when needed to ensure the battery charges to an optimized level for use, reducing wear and slowing its chemical aging.

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