iPhone 2G: here are some unpublished photos of the first prototypes

Photographs of unedited prototypes of the iPhone 2G were posted on Twitter, indicating that Apple was considering different positions for the mute switch.

The leaker DongleBookPro shared on Twitter some unpublished photos of some prototypes of the iPhone 2G.

Apple went to great lengths to create what it thought was the ideal smartphone with the original iPhone 2G, with this work including the creation of various prototypes. The three prototypes shown in the photos are extremely similar in terms of size and design to the final product. 

An interesting detail is found on the mute button. The images reveal that Apple had intended to engrave a bell on it, probably to suggest to users the usefulness of the button.

Another image shows iPhones powered on and equipped with Apple’s internal diagnostic tools, including ” SkankPhone “, a basic user interface that allowed you to try out key functions without using the final user interface design. Other icons are also visible for AT Command, Burn-In, Operator, Soundwave and Rumble, as well as a graphic that suggests users to connect the iPhone using a USB cable to a Mac or PC with iTunes.

The iPhone 2G debuted on January 9, 2007, and the model with 4GB of storage cost a whopping $ 499. In the same year, 8GB became basic storage and its price dropped to $ 399. 

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