Apple takes legal action against a small business over its logo

Apple is reportedly taking legal action against a small business over its pear-shaped logo.

According to iPhone in Canada ,  Apple is taking legal action against the developers of the “ Prepear ” app over its logo.

Prepear, is an app that helps users discover recipes, plan meals, create lists, and organize grocery deliveries. The app is a spin-off of ” Super Healthy Kids ” and the founders say they are facing a dispute from Apple. The Cupertino giant is reportedly disputing the Prepear logo, claiming its attributes are too similar to its own logo.

The company said, via an Instagram post that Apple ” has decided to oppose and pursue our small business branding by saying our logo, which features a pear, is too close to their logo and presumably harms their brand. “. The post goes on to describe the action as ” a blow to us at Prepear ” and defines the intention to keep the original logo and ” send a message to big tech companies that bullying on small businesses has consequences “.

The company has launched a  petition on in an attempt to persuade Apple to ” abandon its opposition to the Prepear logo and help stop big tech companies from abusing their position of power by chasing small businesses like ours that are already struggling. due to the effects of Covid-19 “.

At the time of publication, the petition has reached over 9,000 supporters and is rapidly approaching 10,000.

Here is an image from   Apple’s trademark opposition document :

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