Apple presents the new iMac 2020: with improved hardware but still with the same design

Without warning, Apple has updated the entire iMac line today by preparing each computer for an SSD, a new Retina 5K display and improving camera speakers and microphones. Unfortunately, the design will stop many people from buying it because it is once again the same as in previous years!

Apple today updated the entire iMac lineup with SSDs across the board, an even improved Retina 5K display and superior camera, speakers and microphones.

Update for the 27 ″ iMac

Today Apple has announced a major update of the 27 ″ iMac. This is a hardware update that allows this computer to have faster Intel processors up to 10 cores, doubled memory capacity, new generation AMD graphics, super fast SSDs across the board with 4 times higher storage capacity, a new one nano-textured glass option for an even more striking Retina 5K display, a FaceTime HD 1080p camera, high-fidelity speakers and studio-quality microphone.

Today more than ever, our customers rely on the Mac. And many need the most powerful and versatile iMac we’ve ever created,” said Tom Boger, Apple’s Senior Director of Mac and iPad Product Marketing. “With lightning-fast performance, twice the memory, ultra-fast SSD storage as standard across the board and four times larger, even more spectacular Retina 5K display, improved video camera, ultra-high-fidelity speakers and professional-quality microphones, the iMac 27” offers tons of new features for the same price. It is the perfect desktop, ideal for working, creating and communicating. “

Latest generation AMD graphics

Thanks to the advanced and even more powerful AMD graphics, the iMac 27 ″ is ideal for graphic rendering, the management of multiple 4K video streams and games with more complex graphics. Graphics performance is 55 percent faster because the AMD Radeon Pro 5000 Series GPU takes advantage of AMD’s new RDNA architecture based on even faster and more efficient processing units. And to offer even greater performance to those who use professional apps that require large amounts of video memory, iMac is also available for the first time in the version with 16GB of memory, twice the size of the previous generation 27 ″ model.

Compared to the iMac 27 ″ with previous generation Radeon Pro Vega 48 graphics, the new iMac offers:

  • Render up to 55% faster with Maxon Cinema 4D ProRender.
  • Up to 50% faster fly-through demos with Unity Editor.
  • Up to 45% faster performance with “Total War: Three Kingdoms.”
  • Up to 30% faster timeline rendering with Final Cut Pro X.

SSD and Apple T2 Security chip across the board

All iMac 27 ″ models have SSD storage as standard with ultra-fast performance up to 3.4GB / s to launch applications and open large files. And for the first time, those who need a lot of space will be able to configure their iMac 27 “with an 8TB SSD and have four times the storage capacity compared to the previous generation iMac 27” model.

iMac also has a second generation Apple T2 Security processor designed by Apple with storage controller and real-time encryption for all data saved on the SSD, which thus always remains protected. And since the T2 chip also verifies that the software loaded during the boot process has not been tampered with, the iMac 27 ″ and all Macs with T2 chips offer the safest storage and startup ever.

5K Retina display: now with True Tone technology and nanotexture option

With 14.7 million pixels, a billion colors, 500 nits brightness and wide color gamut (P3), the Retina display of the iMac offers a truly spectacular front view. Thanks to this large number of pixels, the text appears as a printed page and the photos are sharper and more detailed. In addition, 4K video can be edited at maximum resolution. And now, thanks to True Tone technology, the iMac 27’s stunning Retina 5K display automatically adjusts the color temperature based on the light in the environment in which the user is located.

The display of the new iMac is also available in a nanotexture version, introduced for the first time in the XDR Pro Display, for a better view in different lighting conditions, such as a very bright room or with indirect natural light. Unlike the classic opaque screens that generally have a coating that disperses the light, this cutting-edge screen is made with an innovative process that affects the glass at the nanometric level. The result? An even more spectacular Retina 5K display with extremely low reflectance, even less reflections and exceptional contrast for very high quality images.

Enhanced camera, ultra-high fidelity speakers and professional-quality microphones

For those who use the iMac mainly to keep in touch with friends, relatives and colleagues, the FaceTime HD camera now has a resolution of 1080p, while the ISP processor of the T2 Security chip optimizes tone mapping, exposure control and face detection for superior video quality. In addition to the improved video camera, the T2 Security chip directs the speaker orchestra, to offer variable equalization, a more balanced sound of absolute high fidelity and deeper bass. Finally, the new professional-quality array microphones ensure optimal audio for video calling with FaceTime or recording podcasts, voice memos and much more directly from the Mac.

Updates for the iMac 21.5 ″ and the iMac Pro

Today, Apple also announced that, for the first time, the 21.5 ″ iMac models will have SSD storage as standard. Customers will also be able to choose the configuration with Fusion Drive.

The iMac Pro now has a 10-core Intel Xeon processor as standard. Designed for pro users who require workstation-class performance, the iMac Pro offers Xeon processors up to 18 cores, graphics performance up to 22 teraflops, up to 256GB of quad-channel ECC memory and a spectacular 27 ″ Retina 5K display.

macOS Big Sur coming this fall

This autumn it will be possible to update the iMac for free with macOS Big Sur, the latest version of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. macOS Big Sur has a completely new but immediately familiar design, and includes important improvements for the main apps. New features for Safari are coming, including the possibility to customize the home page, the improved panels, the integrated translation and a new Privacy Report. With the new Messages app, users can communicate even more personally and effectively, easily follow a thread and take part in group conversations. The Maps app has also been completely revamped with powerful features for exploring places and traveling around the world.

Prices and availability

Starting today, you can order the new iMac 27 ″ on and in the Apple Store app with prices starting from € 2,199 (VAT included) and deliveries expected this week . This week it will also be available at some Apple Stores and Apple authorized resellers. Starting today you can order the new models of iMac 21.5 ″ and iMac Pro on and in the Apple Store app with prices starting from € 1,349 (incl. VAT) and € 5,599 respectively(VAT included). From the beginning of next week they will also be available at some Apple Stores and Apple authorized resellers. Detailed technical specifications, custom configuration options and accessories are available online at

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