iPhone 12 will ship with a new Lightning to USB-C braided cable Rumor

According to a new report, the iPhone 12 models will be supplied with a Lightning-to-USB-C braided cable, signaling a significant update over the current charging cable.

According to photos leaked by ChargerLAB, which  subsequently  emerged on  Weibo , the next models of  iPhone 12  could be shipped with a new Lightning to USB-C cable with a woven fabric design .

The photos depict a USB-C to Lightning cable with a braided design rather than the standard design of current cables. Apple has never released a cable with a braided design for iPhone or iPad, but offers a braided Thunderbolt Pro cable, a braided black Lightning cable that comes with Mac Pro and a braided power cable for HomePod.

Cables that use this type of design are  more durable than standard rubber coated cables , but typically come with additional reinforcements at the end points where the cable heads are placed. however, the latter are not depicted in the photos. The cables are similar to the Lightning-USB-C cables designed by Apple, except for the new gray and white braided look.

In the past, ChargerLAB has shared accurate information about Apple’s cable plans and claims that the cable pictured here may be what we will find in the iPhone 12 package. In addition, the cable appears to have an original Apple-certified ” Made for ‌iPhone ” design. and measures 1.05 meters , a measure very close to the length of current 1 meter Apple cables. As for the thickness , the cable measures 3.04 mm, resulting slightly thicker than Apple’s existing USB-C to Lightning cable.

Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cables are used to allow fast charging on compatible iPhones, providing 50 percent charge in 30 minutes . According to tests conducted by ChargerLab, the cable was able to quickly recharge an iPadiPhone‌ and an  iPad.

In addition to the new braided design,  the new cables appear to have 8 silver contacts with ruthenium and rhodium, which is more resistant to corrosion, and combined with the braided design, they will likely be able to better resist damage after prolonged use. A more durable design will be a welcome change for iPhone users as there have been many complaints over the years about the weak Apple cable design.

Apple’s new USB-C to Lightning braided cable may be the only accessory supplied with iPhone 12 models. Several rumors  have suggested that the company will not include EarPods or the charger in the package of new devices to save costs. production, and is motivated by the fact that most iPhone users already have a rich collection of chargers and headphones.

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