iOS 13.5 improves battery life on some iPhone models

The latest update from Apple includes improvements and bug fixes which added up slightly improve battery life.

Small article to report that iOS 13.5 includes small improvements for battery life on iPhone.

Compared to the previous version 13.4.1, the 13.5 in addition to including the possibility of using Bluetooth for the tracking of the COVID through the Exposure Notifications and in addition to improving FaceID with the mask, also includes several fixes that improve general performance and battery consumption.

In truth, an improvement in battery life has already been detected since the post-beta 3 version. With the final version available for everyone, it has been found that the improvements are tangible on the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR. On iPhone 11 they are less evident, on iPhone 11 Pro instead they are quite substantial. The models not mentioned have more or less the same duration.

If you have experienced a sharp drop in battery life on your iPhone, consider updating to iOS 13.5

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