Can Apple Watch detect Coronavirus?

A new study from the University of Standford wants to find out if a device such as the Apple Watch is capable of detecting COVID-19

Can our Apple Watch detect Coronavirus using data such as ECG and respiratory rate? This is a question that a Stanford University study aims to answer.

Anyone who owns an Apple Watch or other wearable device and falls into one of three categories can enroll in the health study.

Stanford is looking for participants for his study on wearable data:

We are trying to find out if information from wearable devices, such as Apple Watch and Fitbit, can be used to track infectious diseases such as COVID-19. We hope to be able to predict the onset even before any symptoms begin.

Currently, the university is looking for people who have a wearable device and:

  • Have had a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19;
  • They have been exposed to someone who has known or suspected COVID-19;
  • They are at greater risk of exposure (as healthcare professionals).

To participate, you have to accept three things:

  • Always wear the device;
  • Download an app;
  • Fill in a daily symptom survey (which takes 1-2 minutes);
  • We will also be asked to export the data collected by the Watch and (optionally) allow access to our electronic medical record.

The study will last up to two years , but it is hoped that the first phase will be completed in a few weeks.

Voluntary research programs are by no means new to the Apple Watch. From 2017 to 2019, Stanford University conducted the Apple Heart Study. Over 419,000 participants voluntarily offered their cardiac data to help study the arrhythmia.

In January, Apple and Johnson & Johnson collaborated on a two-year project to determine whether or not the Apple Watch could be used as a viable method of reducing stroke risk .

Apple has made efforts to help combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, including the release of an app and a COVID-19 website based on the CDC guide. It includes resources to help people stay informed and take appropriate measures to protect their health during the spread of COVID-19.

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