iPhone SE 2020 arrives today! Here are the revelations on the name, the 3 colors and more!

The pre-orders of the new iPhone SE could start today! Here is all the information leaked from reliable sources.

9to5mac has obtained exclusive information on what we have so far called iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. The launch of this product is really imminent!

Apple’s new budget smartphone will simply be called iPhone SE , just like the previous one, however it will be differentiated from the year of production which will obviously be 2020.

Pre-orders should start tomorrow! Considering the time zone with America, this “tomorrow” for us means today , Friday 3 April . Everything suggests that Apple is really ready for launch.

The iPhone SE of 2020 will be sold in 3 different colors : white, black and red PRODUCT (Red). 5 different cases will also be available : Black Silicone, White Silicone, Red Leather, Black Leather and Midnight Blue Leather.

There will be 3 memory cuts: 64GB , 128GB and 256GB . For the price it should start from $ 399 which translated into euros (unfortunately) will be just over € 500.

Update at 05:32: Apple has updated the website to include a Belkin tempered glass available for sale available for sale for iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone SE. This is an unequivocal sign of the imminent launch of the product and its 4.7-inch screen design.

Don’t be surprised if it looks like something you’ve already seen: the new iPhone SE is the one pictured below.

As if that were not enough, it is now possible to subscribe to AppleCare + for iPhone SE again, which necessarily refers to the 2020 model.

Apple is expected to announce the new smartphone in a few hours, with presales that will begin immediately. Effective marketing should then take place from April 10, as initially assumed by iDeviceCareGh

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