Do you need to recover your Apple ID password? Pay attention to these 3 new rules

Many users pay little attention during the configuration phase of a new iPhone (especially the first iPhone) and when they register an Apple ID (or an iCloud account) after a short time they forget their password.

In fact, that password is the most important of all and Apple offers various methods to reset it. In the event that there is a negative result, it will still be possible to start the password recovery procedure (other than the reset procedure) but in this case, there are limitations that it is right to know and which you must take into account.

Recover the Apple ID when the password cannot be reset

If you use two-factor authentication and are unable to log in or reset your password, you can gain access again after a waiting period for account recovery. Account recovery is a procedure designed to allow you to log back into your Apple ID account when you do not have enough information to reset your password. For security reasons, it may take several days for you to return to using your account.

The easiest and fastest way to reset your password is through an Apple device. Before the account recovery period begins, try resetting the forgotten password on a registered device. Or borrow a friend or family’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and use the Apple Support app to reset your password.

If your friend or family member cannot download the Apple Support app, you can use the Find My iPhone app to reset the Apple ID password on a device with an iOS version between 9 and 12.

If none of these methods is successful, go to  and choose Forgot your Apple ID or password? Provide as much information as possible; at this point, the waiting period for the recovery of the account will begin. We know that this waiting period can cause inconvenience, however, it is important for us to protect your account and your information.

The news

So far nothing new, but the addition of March 24 to the document (in the English version) clearly specifies three rules:

  1. If you sent the account recovery request from through the browser of your device, you must avoid using this device during the entire waiting period of password recovery. Using the device may cancel the recovery operation
  2. Also, to avoid delays or other problems, we recommend that you turn off your devices until the account recovery is complete.
  3. If you’ve already requested a one-time reset, avoid making further requests. If you overdo it, your account will be deleted forever.

So pay close attention to these last three news.

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