iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphone in 2019

Apple’s iPhone XR dominated the global smartphone market in 2019.

According to Omdia’s new data, Apple’s i Phone XR was the most popular smartphone in the world in 2019. About 9 million more iPhone XRs were reportedly shipped than the iPhone 11 model.

In 2019, Apple shipped around 46.3 million ‌iPhone XR ‌, which is more than double the 23.1 million units shipped in 2019. The second most popular smartphone in 2019 was the iPhone 11, with the company that has shipped about 37.3 million units.

In third place in the ranking of best-selling smartphones in 2019 we find the Galaxy A10 , with Samsung having shipped 30.3 million units . Samsung A50, Samsung A20 and iPhone 11 Pro Max finished fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

“Apple has consistently held the top and second positions in the global smartphone model shipments ranking, with the company maintaining this dominant position for over five consecutive years,” said Jusy Hong, director of smartphone research and analysis at Omdia.

“The firm’s continued dominance is far more noticeable when you consider that Apple’s price hikes caused overall iPhone shipments to drop last year.”

Apple continued to sell the iPhone XR‌ along with the iPhone 11‌ and iPhone 11 Pro as a low-cost option, starting at € 739. XThe XR‌ costs € 100 less than the initial price of the iPhone 11‌.

Omdia is a research company founded following the merger of the Informa Tech research division and the IHS Markit technological research portfolio.In this article:Apple , featured , iPhone 11 , iphone xr

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