Adobe Aero: creates AR experiences on iPhone and iPad

Adobe Aero arrives on iPad and iPhone along with other updates of its 3D software suite, which show a change in Adobe support for augmented reality design tools.

Adobe has begun to expand its role in three-dimensional and augmented reality design, hoping to help creatives produce highly detailed and interactive projects. These new and updated tools are aimed at those who work in the games, entertainment and architecture sectors, helping to restore creative control to the artists who use them.

Adobe is entering the realm of augmented reality with the release of Adobe Aero .

Aero is a tool that allows designers to build and share engaging experiences in alternative and mixed realities, without the need to know how to program . Aero offers detailed instructions with a highly visual user interface, which helps users create their first AR scene.

Even adding interactivity and animation in Aero is easy. Just touch, drag and drop to position objects in a scene, create animation paths and add triggers that allow viewers to interact with projects. Users can import resources from Creative Cloud , including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Stock 3D.

Users can easily get feedback from others by posting them directly on social media or by sending projects to others via the Aero app.

Adobe Aero is available for free on the App Store with in-app purchases. If you wish to request access to Aero’s private beta, you can register on the Adobe website .

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