Apple patents the automatic creation of Memoji from photos

A future version of the Memoji function on the iPhone and iPad may be able to automatically generate a virtual three-dimensional avatar from user photographs.

The features Animoji and Memoji Apple have proved popular, having been used for advertising purposes and for trends of social media as Animoji Karaoke. In iOS 13, Apple has extended the functionality of Memoji to allow users to create collections of stickers using the user-based font, which can be added to Messages.

Entitled ” Technique for the creation of image data avatars “, the patent proposes to produce a digital representation of our similarity based on the analysis of the facial features of our photos.

In short, the patent uses a user image to determine the subject’s facial features, then selects digital representations and compiles them into an avatar.

The processing method measures the subject’s spatial facial attributes, classifying the person’s expression at the same time and determining which of a selection of avatar models is the closest match. The model’s avatars are deformed based on the classification of the expression to facilitate correspondence.

Apple presents numerous patent deposits on a weekly basis, but while the existence of a patent suggests areas of interest for Apple’s research and development efforts, they do not guarantee that the concepts described will appear in a future product or service.

In this case, given that it is a software-based image processing patent and given Apple’s existing work with Memoji, it seems plausible that some form of automatic Memoji creation may be available in the future.

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