Apple Music receives a new update for the web version

Apple Music received a substantial update for its web version. Finally, the interface of the streaming music service has become more complete, even in the browser version.

Through the new web interface, you can access all the features on Apple Music, including our library, search, radio, “Discover” section and much more. If you have activated the “Synchronize Library” feature, you can keep all the items synchronized between all your devices. There is also the “For You” section, where you will find playlists, artists and tracks selected specifically for you. And finally, there is also the “Dark Mode”, making the web version of Apple Music very similar to the dedicated application on macOS Catalina.

According to TechCrunch, expanding Apple Music on the web has made the service much more accessible, especially to those who do not have iTunes or the Apple Music application. This is especially true for Windows users, who do not already have these apps pre-installed.

The new web version of Apple Music is currently in beta, available to all users. Obviously the service subscription is needed to be able to test the new features introduced. So if you are a subscriber, you can check out the new web version by visiting

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