Facebook could remove the “Like” count from the social network

Just as happened on Instagram in some countries, Facebook intends to remove the count of likes under the posts on the social network. The goal is to not distract the user with useless counts of “Likes”, focusing on the post.

Instagram has already removed the “Like” number from the social network in seven countries. This is a test performed by developers to remove unnecessary information that can distract the user. Facebook also wants to experiment with the removal of the count on the homepage of the social network. On Instagram, users can still see the total number of “likes” on their posts, but not on those of other users followed. A similar thing could also be implemented on Facebook, always on an experimental basis.

In addition to distracting the user, the likes can also lead to unnecessary discussions and thoughts such as: “I receive many more likes than you”, or “I do not load anything, so nobody puts my posts”. The removal of the “Like” could, therefore, decrease problems of this type.

Obviously, for those who work with the social network, all the statistics and data on the coverage of posts will remain active, as well as the like count. Simply these data will not be visible on the home page but in a special dedicated page.

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