Can Apple Watch finally monitor sleep?

Apple could announce sleep monitoring for Apple Watch during the September 10th event. According to 9to5Mac, the implementation of this function will not require new hardware, but a software update will suffice.

In a few days, Apple will announce the new Apple Watch Series 5, bringing some small innovations to the smartwatch line. Among these, we also expect the new sleep monitoring function, implemented directly via software in the new version of watchOS 6. Thanks to it, our Apple Watch will monitor the time spent in bed, the quality of sleep, the movement during the night, the heartbeat and the noises around us. The smartwatch during the night will automatically enter the “Do Not Disturb” mode, which will be removed in the morning when we get out of bed. The data sampled during the night will then be processed and collected directly in the Health application of our iPhone.

It will also be possible to configure an Apple Watch exclusively for sleep monitoring if you have more smartwatch available to cover the day. One of the problems is, in fact, the autonomy of the device, in fact, wearing it at night we could find ourselves in the morning with the unloaded Apple Watch. In this regard, Apple could implement a smart charging function, to alert us when to connect the device to the power supply depending on our routine.

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