Instagram Threads: new messaging application under development

Instagram is developing a new messaging application called Threads. This is a direct evolution of Instagram Direct but dedicated to close friends with whom to share personal information.

Threads will allow us to create our own “status” in which to include our position, speed, battery life and multimedia content. This information will be automatically updated and shared with our closest friends. According to The Verge, the application will not share our position at all times, but will simply report when our friends are “on the move”.

The goal of this application is, therefore, to create a space for sharing and messaging among close friends. Inside we will clearly find the Stories feature and the ability to share text in the private feed of selected friends. There will also be a section dedicated to capturing photos and videos, probably equipped with the various filters and features already present on Instagram.

Currently, the application is under development with some private beta testers that are testing it. It is not yet clear when it will arrive on the App Store, so keep following us to find out more about it.

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