iPhone 11 could support the Apple Pencil

According to Citi Research analysts, the new iPhone 11 scheduled for this year will support the Apple Pencil. After years of waiting maybe we can take notes directly on our Apple smartphone.

Already last year, the arrival of support for the Apple Pencil was rumoured. Obviously, this function did not arrive with the iPhone XS and XS Max, but could finally arrive this year with the new iPhone 11. The entry was disseminated by Citi Research, which typically does not issue statements about possible new implementations in the devices. The rumour is, therefore, to be considered as such until further confirmations arrive in the coming weeks.

After the initial “no”, given by Steve Jobs regarding smartphone stylus pens, many users expressed their desire to want a smartphone pen. Often it could be useful to take some notes on the fly, make a sketch or change some images with some quick tweaks. According to a 9to5mac survey, 51% of users would like to use the Apple Pencil on the iPhone, while 49% would not use this feature.

And what do you think? Would you use the Apple Pencil on the iPhone?

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