Here is a video that shows in detail the supposed design of the new iPhone 11R

This year Apple does not expect a huge upgrade, despite the move from an “S” iPhone to a new generation. The iPhone 11 , the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R will look like their predecessors from the front. The exception, of course, is the huge new square back of the camera that will be present on all three new iPhone models.

While the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max will be the new top-end iPhone of 2019, the iPhone 11R is Apple’s new inexpensive iPhone and should also be the new best-selling iPhone model .

In the video, we can see, in detail, the supposed design of the new iPhone 11R. Although the graphic designer who made these renderings has relied on designs leaked so far, he has taken some liberties with the color scheme, but the overall design is close enough to be exactly what we expect to see when the iPhone 11R will be presented in September. The new most notable feature of this design is obviously the new back of the square camera , which will house a dual lens camera system , a microphone and the flash.

The overall design of the iPhone 11R shown in the video is accurate, but there are two details worth mentioning. First of all, the video suggests that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11R will have an in-display fingerprint reader . Based on recent rumours ors that appeared online, we can say, almost with certainty, that the iPhone 11R will not have this feature. In addition, the video shows the iPhone 11R with a new USB-C port instead of a Lightning port . We expect Apple to complete the transition to USB-C on iPhones like it did on MacBooks and iPad Pro, but it shouldn’t happen in 2019 already.

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