A new image shows a logic board redesigned for the iPhone 11

As we approach the presentation of the iPhone in September, it is normal that more and more components of the upcoming iPhone models are spreading online. We already know what the external design of the iPhone 11 should look like. Today we look at some internal components of the device.

The new images have been published on Slash leaks.

The iPhone X, XS and XR used L-shaped logic boards. The new image shows the design of a more standard, rectangular logic board.

Although there should be no major changes to the iPhone 11 chassis, outside of the new camera module, it appears that there will be a more significant change in the design of the internal components.

It seems that Apple is redesigning the internal logic board to make room for a larger battery and the new back of the triple-lens camera. As a straight rectangle, it should be able to sit on the right side of the device, maximizing the space for a large battery on the left.

As previously reported by Ming-Chi Kuo, the battery capacity of the iPhone 11 will increase by 20 %, the battery of the iPhone 11 Max will be 10% larger and the new battery of the “iPhone XR 2” will be the largest battery never seen in an iPhone.

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