Google: “Sign in with Apple” will make people safer

The Google account access team leader is apparently positive about Apple’s introduction into the authentication space with ” Sign in with Apple “, revealing in an interview that it would be preferable to use the Apple button rather than manually entering usernames and password.

Inserted as an alternative focused on privacy, ” Sign in with Apple ” offers the possibility of creating a new account that is empty of all identification data, allowing users to enter only what is necessary for the app and minimizing tracking of third parties.

Despite being a direct competitor of Apple’s new service, Google welcomes the new access option very well, with Mark Risher, director of product management at Google revealing in an interview with The Verge that it is preferable for users to use authentication. of the kind to enter the app rather than relying on the usual usernames and passwords, which can be reused between services.

“Honestly, I think this technology will be better for the Internet and make people much more secure.” “Even if they are clicking on the button of the competitors when they access the sites, it is still better than typing a custom username and password or, more commonly, a recycled username and password.”

The increased use of access buttons has made the Internet and app experience better, saving users from having to set up their credentials every time, which users believe is the ” best thing ” to improve security.

“But in reality it has no relation to phishing, no impact on password breaches, no influence on password reuse,” Risher insists, “it is more important for users to reduce the total number of passwords they use.”

Apple ‘s decision to focus on data collection and privacy as a reason to use Sign in with Apple over others is seen as a criticism of Google’s version, but Risher blames Google:

“He did not describe what happens when you press” the button. “A lot of people don’t understand, and some competitors dragged it in the wrong direction.”

The introduction of a new option from Apple gives the possibility to “reinvigorate the space and clarify what it means and what happens, this is really advantageous”.

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