A concept imagines the iPhone XI without Notch but with a Samsung-style “hole”

For months we talk about the next iPhone and now we know with certainty that the next models will be characterised by a square on the back, inside which the main cameras will be housed. Moe Slah has created a concept in which we find a novelty also for the frontal part .

Basically the Notch is abandoned in favour or of a hole , just like the road taken by Samsung. The result is what you can see in these images.

The new front camera would integrate the same sensors available today and allow recognition via Face ID. Inside the hole we would also find the spot projector and the ambient light sensor. The speaker instead would be flush with the body and there would be a smaller side button for the volume, like on the old iPad.

In the back, the base model would accommodate 3 vertical cameras, while on the iPhone XI Max we found the “square” design that is talked about so much. 4 colours: grey, black, gold and Product (RED).

It would also change the main screen where we would find a Widget at the top with the Weather.

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