Sleep analysis on Apple Watch: possible from 2020

The sleep analysis could finally land on Apple Watch, too bad that Apple is thinking of a hardware solution that will involve the purchase of a new model.

One of the main shortcomings of Apple Watch has always been the lack of function that can favor the ‘ sleep analysis, this characteristic even on less expensive wearable devices and complexes such as Mi-Band of Xiaomi. According to Bloomberg,Apple is planning a new hardware-based system that can perform these functions already starting from the model coming out next year.

After the purchase of Beddit in 2017, a well-known manufacturer of sleep monitoring hardware, Apple has initiated an internal testing phase among its employees that could result in a near-future implementation of the system on Apple Watch.

The solutions to this problem could be two: to increase the capacity of the battery either trivially or to introduce a low consumption suspension system to be started in the evening hours so as to double its duration. Many users are still used to wear Apple Watch at night and then recharge it in the morning in the time it takes to wash, get dressed and have breakfast: this means that the solution could be even simpler than we think, you may need a common change of habit.

Currently Apple Watch allows the analysis of sleep through third-party apps such as Auto-sleep that, taking into account the activity of using the iPhone, the alarms and the movement, can make probable approximations (never extremely accurate) of what happens during the night hours; Unfortunately, this app is not free but, at the price of € 3.49 , is presented as an excellent temporary alternative to the future “native” solution by Apple.

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