Netflix officially disables billing through iTunes

It has been in the air for some time now, and with the end of 2018, the official has arrived. Netflix no longer allows new users (or those who wish to register again) to subscribe to the service through the application for iOS devices.

As described on the Netflix support page,  billing via iTunes is no longer available to new users. This payment option is still valid for those who have an active account.

The application of Netflix for iOS, in case of new user, then refers to the web version of the service . In this way the streaming giant is not forced to pay commissions to Apple (30%) on in-app purchases, a solution that we bet will also take into account other companies.

A spokesman for Netflix commented on the news:

We no longer support iTunes as a payment method for new subscribers. Those who are already subscribed can instead continue to use iTunes as a payment method.

Apple is an esteemed partner with whom we work closely to provide entertainment for members around the world on a wide range of devices including iPhone and Apple TV.

How do you judge Netflix’s new strategy? Which other company could follow his example? Say yours in the comments.

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