iPhone 2019: USB-C, Touch ID integrated into the display and smaller notch?

According to Jean Baptiste Su, vice president, and principal analyst at Atherton Research, at least one iPhone of 2019 will have a USB-C port (instead of the Lightning port), a smaller notch and the Touch ID integrated into the display.

The analyst shared his prediction in an article published for Forbes, also commenting on Apple’s resized estimates of Q1 2019 revenues :

We believe that Apple will launch an iPhone X with a renewed design in 2019 – with smaller notch, fingerprint reader (Touch ID) below the display, and USB-C port – but this will not have expandable memory (SD Card) ,autonomy, fast charging, and the photographic quality of the top Android range of smartphones despite it will cost more.

This is the first rumor on Apple by JB Su, and his previous articles published by Forbes relating to the Cupertino company have often been questioned. For this reason, this indiscretion must be taken with a certain skepticism.

Reliable or not, what do you think of the analyst’s “revelation”? (At least) an iPhone this year could really have these features? Say yours in the comments.

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