The new Smart Battery Case for iPhone Xs and Xs Max to be available at the end of 2018

After discovering the existence of a new Smart Battery Case for iPhone Xs and Xs Max and having seen it in detail it was also discovered that these products should have already been on sale during this period.

According to the document “Apple Premium Reseller Accessory Merchandising Guidelines” leaked from the site Appleosophy , in a scheme useful to the staff for the positioning of the cases according to the color related to the “Fall 2018” period, there is also the well-known Smart Battery Case, recognizable by the hump on the back in the image you can see above in the enlarged detail.

The new case already had to be on the shelves and available for sale during the Christmas period, excellent as a Christmas present. But unfortunately something will not have gone as it should and Apple has postponed the release in early 2019. We do not have the causes of the postponement of the output, perhaps slow production, perhaps some problems came out late, the fact is that it will touch again before you can buy the new Smart Battery Case for iPhone Xs and Xs Max, provided that it does not end the AirPower …

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