The 2019 iPhones will be thinner thanks to the new OLED screens

According to a recent report from Apple suppliers, the company will use the new flexible OLED panels that will make the iPhone 2019 thinner than those currently on the market.

Since the launch of the first iPhone Apple has tried to reduce the thickness of their devices. For every redesign brought to market by the Cupertino company, the iPhone became increasingly thin and light. This up to the iPhone 6, currently still the thinnest iPhone ever. The current models are indeed much thicker and heavier than the model just mentioned. With the coming year, however, Apple could return to produce slimmer and lighter smartphones, thanks to Samsung’s new OLED panels.

The flexible OLED screens produced by the South Korean company for 2019 present a new construction technique. The panel sensitive to our pressure was in fact joined to the display itself , thus reducing the overall dimensions of the panel.

The production of these displays has not yet begun , in fact, the arrival is scheduled for 2019. The costs however seem to be quite high, so the panels will be adopted exclusively in the top models of the range. There may also be production and assembly problems, as this is a rather delicate technology.

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