The FCC approves Apple’s Beddit for sleep monitoring

Do you remember Beddit? It is the company that Apple acquired a long time ago and that produced devices for sleep monitoring.

Today, the fruits of this acquisition are starting to be felt because Apple has obtained the approval of the FCC of a sleep monitoring tool that should be just what was known as Beddit Sleep Monitor 3 or its (small) evolution. This is because the device registered with the FCC is marked with version 3.5 and not 4.0.

Beddit sleep monitor is a sort of band to be placed between the head and shoulders, then a little ‘under the pillow and a little’ directly in contact with our body. It will track movements and micro-movements during sleep, breathing and so on. Then, through the iPhone app, it will bring back all the details, distinguish heavy sleep from a light sleep and so on.

For the moment it is still not clear what Apple wants to do but maybe in iOS 13 and WatchOS 6, we will find integrated monitoring tools that will integrate with this accessory and other applications.

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