The 2019 AirPods will be truly innovative with health sensors

It took two years for competing companies to develop something as remote as AirPods but according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the new AirPods arriving in mid-2019 will integrate other innovative technologies that will be difficult to copy.

The AirPods are the most successful accessories of Apple with a very high customer satisfaction but the model of 2019 will be even more and will record even higher numbers than those had so far.

AirPods will be more than just earphones for Apple. They will play a fundamental role for the company because they will persuade users to remain in the Apple ecosystem due to the perfect integration; they will be useful to use Siri and the artificial intelligence services without hands, and finally you can take advantage of new sensors that will make the ear an area for the detection of health.

Substantially, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, in addition to the Siriways-on, Apple will integrate new sensors that will collect health information. There may be a direct integration with the Apple Watch in order to enter data in our medical record then available on iPhone.

The competition will not fail, Google and Amazon will be in the forefront but the AirPods will be head and shoulders and the user who wants to make full use of all the features offered, will continue to use an iPhone or convince themselves to buy an Apple Watch.

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