DxOMark: iPhone XS and XS Max have the second best camera in the world

DxOMark has published its in-depth review of the iPhone XS and XS Max photo module. With a score of 105, Apple’s latest smartphone surpass all other devices in the competition except for Huawei’s P20 Pro.

DxOMark evaluates smartphone cameras based on combinations of performance scores in photos and videos. iPhone XS has obtained a score of 105, thus exceeding almost 10 points that of iPhone X (97). The company reports that it has tried iPhone XS Max, but the topic does not change because XS and XS Max share the same photographic module.

DxO notes that the hardware updates to the photographic system are important, but the news on the software side is perhaps even more so.

Speaking of software and image processing, the improvements are even more evident. During still image capture, the camera constantly captures a multi-frame buffer at different exposures, allowing for both HDR processing and zero shutter delays, an exclusive of the new iPhone.

With regard to video , iPhone XS Max gets a score of 96 , with an unstable white balance in the interior considered one of the weaknesses. Optimal performance in bright conditions.

iPhone XS Max gets an excellent score of 96 for video, thanks to incredible performance in bright conditions. The overall score is the result of a series of sub-statements, which are as follows: Exposure (88), Color (88), Autofocus (91), Texture (58), Noise (75), Artifacts (84) and Stabilization (94 ).

Below is an example of a video recorded with iPhone XS Max:

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