Should I change my iPhone to buy one of the new ones?

Only 3 minutes had elapsed since the end of the Apple event that we have already started to receive messages like: “Should I change my iPhone to buy the new XS?”. Others have asked the same question for XS Max and others for XR. We have answered this question so many times (even in the Q & A that we held yesterday on our YouTube channel) that we finally decided to write this article.

We immediately state that:

  • Everyone is a master of himself, so potentially everyone can decide to buy or not to buy a product based on what he deems appropriate.
  • Money is a medium of exchange, therefore, if users with greater possibilities decide to exchange their money with a slightly more powerful device than the current one, it is not something that we have to deal with so we will not be here to trade or judge. You are free to do it.
  • iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 are still excellent devices with a good computing power that will be further highlighted with iOS 12. The owners of these smartphones can safely avoid any purchase this year, however (as mentioned above) nothing prevents you from doing the contrary, even if you already have an iPhone X.

Without due consideration, we begin our discussion that will be decidedly more subjective.

iPhone XS

This iPhone is a very slight upgrade compared to last year’s iPhone X which reaches an excellent quality in any field. At the XS they upgraded the chip (A12), slightly improved the camera with the ability to manually adjust the Bokeh effect (nothing that applications like Focus can not even do on the iPhone X) and added the audio recording in stereo during the video footage, accompanying everything with the Super HDR. These are small improvements, certainly very nice and sophisticated, but that in everyday use and in everyday shots for social you definitely will not even notice.

Is it worth switching from iPhone X to iPhone XS? For us, the answer is absolutely no!

Who is this smartphone for? Only owners of an iPhone 6 / 6S / 7 who have saved enough money and now want to make the leap in quality by purchasing a device that will last another 4/5 years in their hands before being replaced again. The transition to an iPhone XS would bring many changes starting from the design, gestures, the farewell to the Home button, Face ID and a fantastic OLED display. Users with iPhone 8/8 Plus have a very powerful device from the hardware point of view so they will not find many improvements from this point of view. The update is not recommended even because last year if you decided to buy an 8 instead of the Ten means that the old design is still good, you love the Home button and then you should skip this “S” cycle and evaluate the situation again next year. In truth, if you really want a useful advice, rather than buy an iPhone XS, look for an iPhone X in large distribution chains like Mediaworld or other stores. You can find it again for less than € 900 and it will be a bargain!

iPhone XS Max

It is practically identical to the iPhone XS but has a larger screen. In terms of size, this smartphone is just as tall as an “old” model Plus, except that its screen instead of being 5.5 “is 6.5”. This is a big difference but there are still various things to evaluate.

Is it worth switching from iPhone X to iPhone XS Max? For us, the answer is basically the same as before .. or No, but there are other variables to consider. The iPhone X is really magnificent. A year later, its processor is still the most powerful in the world and has not been passed by anyone. You can continue to use it for years before anyone can advise you to leave it. The iPhone X however, has a 5.8 “screen that – on paper – certainly is not cheap. However, in showing the contents, it behaves exactly like an iPhone 7. In fact, the width of the screen is significantly reduced, not even the home screen can rotate for the “little” available space and then there are the Notch and the Safe Area represented by two bars on the sides of the screen where no contents should be shown to avoid bad visibility in the landscape. In short, the part of the display really “free” to show any content is much smaller than those 5.8 “that are read in the specifications. Last year Apple introduced only one model of iPhone X with a single screen size and as a result, users had no choice but today the trend is to have bigger smartphones, through which you can perform all the activities in a way smoother and more comfortable, from entertainment to work. Therefore, if you are among these users, even if you come from iPhone X, switching to the iPhone XS Max can definitely make sense! If you are not sure if you can get along with a bigger (and heavier) iPhone than your current iPhone X, then stop thinking about it … Max is not for you.

Who is this smartphone for? It is definitely recommended for all users accustomed to the size of an iPhone Plus, starting from the iPhone 6 Plus up to the iPhone 8 Plus. For those who have an iPhone 8/8 Plus is still the same speech as before, or that you have purchased a very powerful device a few months ago and which tends to be still very valid for years. If you decided to take it just because the iPhone X seemed too small, then Max will do just for you, otherwise, we think you would do well to keep the 8/8 Plus for a year .. at least. Users with an iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 finally, should think about it a moment, probably wait until September 21 and try the smartphone with hand, live, before deciding whether to buy it or not. When I bought my very first iPhone Plus, in fact, I found myself extremely uncomfortable in the early days because of its size and weight. This also led me to make the return and then buy a smaller model (not Plus). Within 2 years then I got used to it, so much so that before moving to iPhone XI decided to use an iPhone 7 Plus (with great satisfaction). What I advise you then is to be careful and evaluate well how you will spend this money because 6.5 “are so many and you will notice them all (even in your pants pocket or when you use the phone in bed). so much so that before moving to iPhone XI decided to use an iPhone 7 Plus (with great satisfaction). What I advise you then is to be careful and evaluate well how you will spend this money because 6.5 “are so many and you will notice them all (even in your pants pocket or when you use the phone in bed). so much so that before moving to iPhone XI decided to use an iPhone 7 Plus (with great satisfaction). What I advise you then is to be careful and evaluate well how you will spend this money because 6.5 “are so many and you will notice them all (even in your pants pocket or when you use the phone in bed).

iPhone XR

This iPhone will undoubtedly be the hen of this year’s golden eggs. Apple has really hit the ground with this model because it integrates the same powerful hardware of the XS / XS Max, has many beautiful colors and the only differences are in the single lens camera (where artificial intelligence can almost zero any deficit) and LCD type display. All this makes sure that the XR can cost less than the other two, but without giving up anything: Design, Face ID, Gestures, fantastic materials and so on.

Is it worth going from iPhone X to Phone XR? Once again .. No! The iPhone X has an OLED display, however, remains superior and has a crazy performance of colors and black. The screen of the smartphone you own is the most expensive component of this and it is not worth giving up to have a colored body. Absolutely not!

Who is this smartphone for? Virtually to everyone else. Who does not have an iPhone X has not yet switched to the OLED and therefore lives peacefully with an LCD screen? The iPhone XR has the best LCD in the world, qualitatively superior to the previous iPhone, even in color rendering, so no one will be disappointed, but you’ll still find an improvement. In addition, this phone will finally make you change the design and enter the new era of smartphones -all screen- without front keys and controlled only by gestures. Do not be afraid to leave the Home button, you will get used to gestures in just 10 minutes of use and when you pick up your old iPhone with the Home button you will have problems using it correctly! It takes only 10 minutes to get to all this. it’s really amazing! Owners of iPhone 5s and 6, if you do not want to spend too much it is definitely time to move to an XR. Owners of an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 for you, the XR can be a good buy. In fact, you could keep your smartphone still for a year because it still offers good performance, but we think that next year Apple will launch only 2 new iPhone (updates for the XS and XS Max) while the iPhone XR will remain completely unchanged and will not be touched for a few years (as they did for the iPhone SE). Maybe only the colors will change but the phone will remain the same. Therefore if in your thoughts there is still the idea of \ u200b \ u200btaking it, it is worth doing now that it is new rather than next year it will already have a bit of white beard. The XR is however destined to last a long time,

iPhone XS or iPhone XR?

You have recommended these smartphones to the same audience. Which one to choose between the two? Here comes a purely personal and especially economic discourse in which one can not go into it. Both are absolutely high-end smartphones and both can easily last 5 years. Apple has not spared on the construction materials or the processor. The iPhone XS probably, more than being high-end is an even higher range – perhaps even excessively – and therefore has a higher cost. Who buys it knows that there was no better on the market while those who prefer the XR saves something knowing they have given up the OLED but can play a lot on the colors. We do not want to get into your wallet so the choice of these two models will have to be assessed independently.






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