iOS 12 has already been installed on 10% of Apple devices in just 48 hours

48 hours have passed since the official release of iOS 12 and, according to data collected by Mixpanel, the adoption rate of the new operating system has already reached 10%.

Users are updating to iOS 12 slower than ever before. With iOS 11, in fact, 10% was achieved in just 24 hours, iOS 10 instead, in a single day was already installed on 14.45% of devices.

Users seem to be reluctant to a new major update because they still remember well all the problems they faced with the very first releases of iOS 11 and do not want to repeat the story. Probably the boom will come with the release of iOS 12.1 expected by the end of the year.

In fact, we who have been trying iOS 12 for 3 months, we advise you to update and not be afraid. The operating system has few changes compared to the past because Apple has focused on solving problems, increasing fluidity and speed. The update is recommended

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