Apple acquires Akonia Holographic, a startup that produces lenses for smart glasses

Apple acquired Akonia Holographics, a startup that makes eyeglass lenses for augmented reality reports Reuters. The acquisition confirms the strong interest of the Cupertino company for the AR, perhaps intent on creating its own viewer. The lenses made by Akonia use the technology studied in-house HoloMirror, which guarantees “ultra-clear and… Read More

LEAK: Here is the iPhone XS, the new smartphone with OLED display from Apple that will arrive in two variants!

Apple has formalized the date of the September event, which will be held on the 12th, but the news of the moment is probably another. The colleagues of 9to5Mac have in fact unveiled the names of the two upcoming OLED smartphones of the company of Cupertino and, above all, they shared the… Read More

LEAK: Here’s Apple Watch Series 4 with edge-to-edge dispaly

Beyond the exclusive leak on iPhone XS  a few minutes ago,  9to5Mac  has exclusively shared the first look of the new Apple Watch Series 4. This will be the new Apple Watch that Apple will unveil at its special event announced today. The biggest change is the new display edge – to – edge. It is said that… Read More

Apple event on September 12th at the Steve Jobs Theater!

Now it’s official, Apple will hold an event on September 12th at the Steve Jobs Theater. After weeks of hypothesis, the Cupertino company has formalized the date of the presentation of the new iPhone. September 12th is, therefore, the date in which Apple will unveil the so much rumored three new iPhone two with… Read More

LTPO technology for upcoming iPhone displays to reduce energy consumption Rumor

Apple may use the LTPO TFT technology for future iPhones, according to reports by IHS Markit. The aim would be to reduce the energy consumption of AMOLED panels. This low-temperature polycrystalline silicon oxide technology turns the individual pixels of the display on and off and plays a fundamental role in certain… Read More

Telegram updates with the “Exceptions” in the notifications

Telegram has released a new update on the App Store that introduces a useful news related to the notifications: the exceptions. The main rival platform of WhatsApp today reaches version 4.9.1 and introduces the “Exceptions”, that is the function that allows users to receive notifications only from… Read More

Motorola presents the most shameless clone of iPhone X: see it to believe it

That Apple’s smartphones are taken as an example by other manufacturers is not new. But after the many criticisms received for the notch of the iPhone X, certainly we did not expect such a large number of clones. The last in chronological order and perhaps even the most shameless… Read More

Here are the main reasons that push Android users to switch to iPhone, according to a survey

Usually, during the conference on financial results, Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about the growth of iPhone users, obviously citing also those that come from Android smartphones. A new survey by PCMag allows us to deepen the topic, trying to reveal what are the main reasons that lead users to switch… Read More

5G technology could cost Apple $ 21 for each iPhone

With the now-finalized 5G standard, companies that have developed the technology are making the necessary decision on selling prices. For Apple, adding the 5G to the new iPhone could cost the company $ 21 a device, according to VentureBeat. According to the report from VentureBeat, Nokia will grant a license to its 5G standard for… Read More

iPhone 2018: compatibility with Apple Pencil, new pricing information and models

Today TrendForce has posted new forecasts for the upcoming iPhone coming this fall. Among the new rumors, we find compatibility with the Apple Pencil and the arrival of a new memory cut. This year Apple should present three new iPhone with a design similar to the current iPhone… Read More

Apple to release AR viewer in 2020, Apple Car between 2023 and 2025

Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable analyst currently with TF International Securities, believes that Apple’s future will depend on the launch of the so-called Apple Car and an AR viewer. The analyst said the Apple Car will be launched between 2023 and 2025. The rumors on the car have been around for some… Read More

Apple will present a new MacBook Air until September Rumor

According to TrendForce, Apple will launch a new MacBook Air by the end of the current quarter, ending in September. ” The second quarter was a period of transition for Apple to prepare for the launch of new MacBooks for 2018 ” read TrendForce. As for shipments, the provider expects a strong increase in the Q3… Read More

Google releases Android Pie 9.0, but not for everyone: here are the most interesting news

Android Pie 9.0 is officially available for download on Google Pixel, Pixel 2 and Essential Phone, for other smartphones will be discussed instead in the coming months. Google has introduced several innovations in the new version of its operating system, and here we point out the most… Read More

iPhone X unlocked with the Face ID by two different people, it happens to a couple from Milan [Video]

With iPhone X, Apple has introduced a new and innovative unlocking method: the Face ID. This recognizes the face of the owner thanks to a technology that also takes into account the depth, and this prevents the system from being “cheated” with photos or the like. Is it a… Read More