iOS 11.4 causes several problems to the iPhone camera

Numerous users are reporting several camera malfunctions in iOS 11.4 Apple is already working to correct these issues, in fact, soon it should arrive iOS 11.4.1

A few weeks ago Apple presented the new operating system for iPhone and iPad. iOS 12, however, will be officially released just in September, after a long period of beta testing. Most users currently have iOS 11.4 as an operating system on their device, this being the last publicly available version. After having talked about the problem of high battery consumption, which always afflicts this version of the operating system, today we are going to see in detail this new problem of the camera.

The problems encountered

In recent days, many users are reporting various problems encountered with the camera of their iPhone on iOS 11.4. In fact, once the native Camera application is open, a black screen appears, as if we were framing the complete darkness. This problem has been solved by several users simply by restoring the iPhone, but it is still an inconvenient operation to do.

Another user, after updating the iPhone to iOS 11.4, found vibrations in the image framed within the Camera application. While keeping the device clearly stopped, the iPhone cannot keep the image stable.

Other Twitter users are complaining about simple comments like: “The Camera application no longer works as it should”, or, “I bought the iPhone to take good pictures but I did not get the expected result”.

The models that have encountered most problems are the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 with the respective Plus versions. These malfunctions could however also occur on other models compatible with this version of iOS.

Possible solutions

Currently, Apple is already working on a solution for this fairly widespread problem. iOS 11.4.1 beta 3 is already available for developers and therefore it is likely that it will arrive very soon for all users too. In this version, there should be only a few corrections and no substantial changes. iOS 11.4.1 should also solve problems related to the high battery consumption reported.

If you need the camera application urgently, you can try to restore your iPhone, but the problem is not likely to be solved at all.

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