The new Snapchat interface increases user dissatisfaction

After introducing a revamped application interface, Snapchat has certainly not increased its level of popularity. To prove it there are recent surveys conducted by YouGov Brand Index and shared by Recode.

In recent months, Snapchat has had to face the consequences of changing the user interface. Today, a new survey indicates how much this new redesign has influenced the public opinion of Snapchat. The company is already starting to propose further changes to the design of its app to look for a remedy. A new survey shows that user satisfaction with Snapchat has decreased by 73% since the introduction of the new interface earlier this year.

Users’ liking – measured on a scale of 100 (very positive) to -100 (very negative) – aged between 18 and 34 decreased by 73%.

On the same scale, the appreciation of millennials has increased from a maximum of 30 to a minimum of 8 after the redesign. Finally, user satisfaction fell from 27 to 12 last month.

The survey is of considerable importance as the millennials are the majority of Snapchat users and can be incredibly difficult to regain. CEO Evan Spiegel said that users would adapt to the new design over time. Last month, however, the company began testing a new system change that once again represented the old way of representing stories.

As further reported by Recode:
Snapchat is gradually releasing its redesigned app to all iOS users. It is also eliminating the incoming mail algorithm, used to prioritize some messages over others. Now, all messages in the inbox will appear in reverse chronological order (as happened in the past).

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